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Why Choose WealthHunterIndia? is a leading financial service provider in Delhi NCR. It was formed with foundation stone, for creating long-term wealth for the investor through various financial products like Mutual Fund, Insurance, Fixed Deposit, gold investment and Alternate Asset Products. We help you understand your financial objectives and make appropriate plans to realize them.

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Mutual Funds

Whether it is SIP Investments, Long-Term Investments, Short-Term Investments, Tax-Saving Investments invest through our mutual fund advisor expert.

Fixed Deposit

Invest in corporate fixed deposit and earn higher interest rates on FD. These investments are best for people who are looking for products which are less riskier and earn more interest. Consult with our expert advisor.

General Insurance

General insurance (also called non-life insurance policies) provide payments depending on the loss from a particular financial event. Either business or personal financial loss can eat away with your life-savings. Call our Agent.

Life Insurance

As the name suggests, life insurance secures your life from financial losses, which occurred due to unexpected or premature death of the insurer. Call Agent.

Gold Investment

Among all the precious metals, gold is the most popular as an investment. Investors generally buy gold as a way to spread their portfolio to reduce the underlying risks of the market. Help is just a call away, call an advisor.


A loan is an act of giving money, property or other material goods to another party in exchange for future repayment of the principal amount along with interest or other finance charges. Call our Agent.



Tell us about yourself, investment amount, tolerance for risk and investment horizon. Our Advisor Will be happy to hear from you.


We will recommend an investment portfolio based on your risk profile and financial goals. Our expert Advisor will help you.


We will Invest your money in the recommended portfolio under your name. Whether it is Mutual Fund, Insurance, Fixed Deposit or alternate Investment.


Enjoy, and join other investors who have made the smart decision to let us handle the rest.

Why Customer Choose Us?

Best Advise

Our unbiased approach towards saving, investment and protection have touched many lives.


All investment is made through respected investment companies. Hence all transactions are transparent.

Save Time

Focusing on what you are best at, leaving rest to professional can save a lot of time and effort.

Save Money

Time is money, our team makes sure that you save your time and money by outsourcing research and paperwork.

Thats right


Child Education Planning

You as a parents dream of fulfilling all the requirements and dreams of your kids. You want to give the best to your child. Best of education, best of toys, best of health, best of everything. Want our expert help you.

Wealth Creation Strategy.

Where to Invest is the most common and most important question for an Investor. Why an when to invest in an asset class and asset allocation is the key to investment, we help you to achieve the right mix.

Insurance Solution

The most obvious reason anyone purchases an insurance policy is that they are taking the necessary precautions to ensure that in the future their lives won’t be severely troubled by the occurrence of an unforeseen event.

Tax Saving Solution

Save Tax up to Rs 63,345/-, Get life Insurance and save like superhero, Health Insurance=Protection+ Tax Benefit, ULIP= Investment+Life Cover+Tax Benefit, Equity Linked Saving Scheme. We help you choose the right strategy.

Retirement Solution

Most of us like to live in the present, so much so that often, we end up ignoring the future. Retirement planning is the most crucial step in goal planning process and ignoring it can cost you severely. Call us now.

Second Income Strategy.

Who doesn’t want a multiole stream of income? Imagine receiving income from various investment, which may help you achieve your short-term goal of a dream vacation or buying a car or long-term goal of paying your EMI.


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What Our Customer Speak About Us.

“Retirement planning was one big financial goal for me. I have searched all the avenues like PPF, NSC, etc. I was not sure where to invest and how to go about it. One of my friends suggested taking help from as he has also taken help from them.

They made my decision crystal clear by suggesting various products for financial security and creating a retirement fund.”

“I have been associated with them for nearly 7 years and I’m very satisfied with their services and their approach towards customer requirements. What I like most is the ease with which I can access all my investments in different mutual funds, insurance, fixed deposit and come to know my total net worth. Any change of allocation is suggested to me on regular intervals and receive regular updates about my portfolio.”

“Wanted to invest in mutual fund SIP, as I started to research, was totally confused as for where to invest and how much. I wanted to invest in specific SIP, which caters my needs and help in achieving my financial goals. Then one of my friends suggested me to explore Their approach was client-centric and they assisted me throughout the process. Thanks for helping me start my first SIP investment.”




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