Investment Planning with Mutual Fund

by admin November 05, 2017
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Investment Planning with Mutual Fund

You are studying in college and you want to buy a cool bike on your own, you are 35 years old and you recently became a father/mother and you want to start saving for your little angel’s college or you might be a 70 years old and you have excess of cash available but does not know how what to do or where to invest or you might be anyone in between. In the above-mentioned cases, we either don’t have sufficient money or we are not able to properly manage Money

What if all of the above-mentioned problems can be solved. In fact, it has been solved very often people facing these problems invest in Mutual Funds (sure you have heard about it but you were waiting for your favorite wealth planner to tell you so here it is)

Mutual funds in simpler terms would refer to type of scheme where smart investors like yourself pool their money together in a common fund which then is managed by really smart people who know their way around

So all in all mutual funds are like tooth fairy your tooth for a gold coin

Only this time this gold coin can be compounded into son so forth

Saving vs. Investing

Well now we know what mutual fund means Lot of people would ask why would anyone invest rather than save in various FIXED & RECURRING deposits well the answer to this question is very simple

Whenever you deposit your excess funds in bank as in form of deposits you are losing out an opportunity to earn more interest expert call this opportunity cost that means opportunity cost is very high to overlook the mutual fund concept

To illustrate this let’s take an example suppose you are passing through forest and you can hear river nearby and you realize that you are thirsty so you head toward river once you reach there you take up a glass of water to relieve your thirst  now remember only took one glass of water from river

This river signifies opportunity to earn money /interest

And glass of water signifies fixed deposits

INVESTING helps you to increase from a glass to bucket to water tank  and finally to the whole river


But Why Mutual Funds

Yes there are other options as well but they require lot of time too

And there is lot of risks involved

Plus we know that you are too busy doing day to day duties and you really don’t want to know political instability of Somalia that might affect Indian markets as well. So you entrust your money to some people (they are smart of course we would never dare otherwise) who are interested in all these gossips and who have the drive to make you rich

And they have tons of experience to back them

Of course, there are different types of mutual funds all serve different purpose which will be discussed later

How to start

Just click a link below and start this beautiful and rewarding journey







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