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Mutual Fund Advisor in Ghaziabad, WealthhunterIndia is one of the oldest and established name in mutual fund industry.We have more than decade of experience. Our Mutual fund Advisor can helps you in selecting the right investment as per your goal and risk profile. You can call us for any mutual fund related query, to create mutual fund portfolio. We will drive deep to understand your requirement and create customize investment plan for you.

What is Mutual Fund?

Mutual fund is an collective investment pool, created by investors having similar investment objective. Accumulated funds is then managed by professional investment management company. As everyone has his own investment objective, like child education or marriage, retirement, wealth creation, wealth preservation. As per objective investment is made into various asset class like gold, bonds, equity, debt, commodity, property. Mutual funds have become very popular since they make individual investors invest in equity and debt securities easy as they require thorough research and expertise. When investors invest a particular amount of mutual funds, he becomes the unit holder of corresponding units. In turn, mutual funds invest unit holder’s money in stocks, bonds or other securities that earn interest or dividend. This money is distributed to unit holders

We help you choose best mutual funds investment options from mutual fund scheme universe, call us now WealthhunterIndia.

How to Pick a Good Mutual Fund

Some of the main points which need to be kept in mind are as follows: Identifying Goals and Risk Tolerance, Fund Type, Performance Ranking, Charges, and Fees,  Evaluating Managers Past Performance.

1) Identifying Goals and Risk Tolerance

Before investing in any fund, the investor must be crystal clear what his long-term goal and short-term goals are and in how much time horizon he/she plans to achieve it. Also, the risk-taking ability of the particular investor must also be taken into account.

2) Fund Type
It basically depends on whether an investor wants to invest money for a long-term need and if he can handle a fair amount of risk and volatility too then he/she can go for an equity fund, but if he wants to invest for a short period, then debt funds would be better suited.

3) Performance Ranking
You must find out the quarterly ranking which will show how the fund has formed quarter on quarter basis among its peer group. So one may select the scheme which has remained in top quarterly most of the time and one can find these rankings from the fact sheets of various AMC’s(Asset Management Companies) and also on some mutual fund research websites.

4) Charges and Fees
The investor must take a note of all fees and charges being levied for by the fund managers for providing their service. One can look for management expense ratio. It is simply the total percentage of fund assets that are being charged to cover fund expenses. The higher the ratio, the lower would be the investors return and vice-versa.

5) Evaluating Managers Past Performance
Investors should research about funds past results and seek answers to questions such as:-
1) Did the fund manager deliver results which were consistent with general market returns?
2) Did the returns vary dramatically throughout the year?

It will help an investor in knowing how a fund manager performs under critical situations and what historically has been the trend in terms of turnover and return.

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