Mutual Fund Companies in India

by susma September 26, 2018
Axis Assets Management Company

Axis LT Equity Fund(G)

Axis LT Equity Fund(D)

Axis Income Fund(G)

Axis Equity Fund(G)

Axis Equity Fund(D)

Axis Income Saver Fund(G)

Axis Income Saver Fund(AD)

Axis Dynamic Bond Fund(G)

Axis Dynamic Bond Fund(QD)

Axis Midcap Fund(G)

Axis Midcap Fund(D)

Axis Dynamic Bond Fund(HD)

Axis Banking Debt Fund(G)

Axis Banking Debt Fund(DD)

Axis Banking Debt Fund(WD)

Axis Liquid Fund(G)

Axis Liquid Fund(DD)

Axis Liquid Fund(MD)

Axis Treasury Advantage Fund(G)

Axis Treasury Advantage Fund(DD)

Axis Treasury Advantage Fund(MD)

Axis Treasury Advantage Fund(WD)

Axis Income Fund(QD)

Axis Income Fund(HD)

Axis Short Term Fund(G)

Axis Short Term Fund(MD)

Axis Triple Advantage Fund(G)

Axis Triple Advantage Fund(D)

Axis Gold Fund(G)

Axis Gold Fund(D)

Axis Focused 25 Fund(G)

Axis Focused 25 Fund(D)

Axis CPO Fund-Sr 5(G)

Axis CPO Fund-Sr 5(D)

Axis Hybrid Fund-5-Reg(G)

Axis Hybrid Fund-5-Reg(D)

Axis Hybrid Fund-6-Reg(G)

Axis Hybrid Fund-8-Reg(D)

Axis Hybrid Fund-7-Reg(G)

Axis Hybrid Fund-7-Reg(D)

Axis Fixed Income Opp Fund-Reg(G)

Axis Hybrid Fund-11-Reg(G)

Axis Hybrid Fund-9-Reg(G)

Axis Hybrid Fund-9-Reg(D)

Axis Hybrid Fund-14-Reg(G)

Axis Fixed Income Opp Fund-Reg(MD)

Axis Fixed Income Opp Fund-Reg(WD)

Axis Enhanced Arbitrage Fund-Reg(G)

Axis Enhanced Arbitrage Fund-Reg(G)

Axis Hybrid Fund-14-Reg(D)

Axis Hybrid Fund-15-Reg(G)

Axis Hybrid Fund-15-Reg(D)

Axis Hybrid Fund-18-Reg(G)

Axis Hybrid Fund-18-Reg(D)

Axis Hybrid Fund-19-Reg(G)

Axis Hybrid Fund-19-Reg(D)

Axis Equity Saver Fund-Reg(G)

Axis Equity Saver Fund-Reg(MD)

Axis Equity Saver Fund-Reg(QD)

Axis Hybrid Fund-27-Reg(G)

Axis Hybrid Fund-27-Reg(D)

Axis Hybrid Fund-28-Reg(G)

Axis Hybrid Fund-28-Reg(D)

Axis Children’s Gift Fund-No Lock in-Reg(G)

Axis Children’s Gift Fund-No Lock in-Reg(D)

Axis Children’s Gift Fund-Compulsory Lock in-Reg(G)

Axis Children’s Gift Fund-Compulsory Lock in-Reg(D)

Axis Hybrid Fund-29-Reg(G)

Axis Hybrid Fund-29-Reg(D)

Birla Sun Life Asset Management Company

Birla SL Frontline Equity Fund(G)

Birla SL Top 100 Fund(D)

Birla SL Top 100 Fund(G)

Birla SL Treasury Optimizer Plan(G)

Birla SL Advantage Fund(D)

Birla SL Advantage Fund(G)

Birla SL ST Opportunities Fund(G)

Birla SL Dynamic Bond Fund-Ret(G)

Birla SL Dynamic Bond Fund-Ret(QD)

Birla SL Tax Plan(G)

Birla SL Tax Plan(D)

Birla SL Infrastructure Fund(D)

Birla SL Infrastructure Fund(G)

Birla SL MIP II-Savings 5(MD)

Birla SL MIP II-Savings 5(G)

Birla SL MIP II-Savings 5(Payment)

Birla SL MIP II-Wealth 25(MD)

Birla SL MIP II-Wealth 25(G)

Birla SL MIP II-Wealth 25(Payment)

Birla SL Equity Fund(D)

Birla SL Equity Fund(G)

Birla SL Short Term Fund(G)

Birla SL Short Term Fund(MD)

Birla SL Tax Relief ’96(D)

Birla SL Pure Value Fund(G)

Birla SL Pure Value Fund(D)

Birla SL Tax Relief ’96(G)

Birla SL Dynamic Bond Fund-Ret(MD)

Birla SL Gilt Plus-PF(G)

Birla SL Gilt Plus-PF(QD)

Birla SL Midcap Fund(D)

Birla SL Midcap Fund(G)

Birla SL Balanced ’95 Fund(DR)

Birla SL Balanced ’95 Fund(G)

Birla SL Monthly Income(MD)

Birla SL Monthly Income(G)

Birla SL Monthly Income(QD)

Birla SL New Millennium Fund(D)

Birla SL New Millennium Fund(G)

Birla SL Special Situations Fund(G)

Birla SL Special Situations Fund(D)

Birla SL Medium Term Fund(G)

Birla SL Medium Term Fund(QD)

Birla SL Medium Term Fund(D)

Birla SL Medium Term Fund(HD)

Birla SL FRF-Long Term Plan(G)

Birla SL Dividend Yield Plus(D)

Birla SL Dividend Yield Plus(G)

Birla SL Index Fund(DR)

Birla SL Index Fund(G)

Birla SL MIP(G)

Birla SL MIP(MD)

Birla SL MIP(Payment)

Birla SL G-Sec-LT(HD)

Birla SL G-Sec-LT(G)

Birla SL Small & Midcap Fund(D)

Birla SL Small & Midcap Fund(G)

Birla SL Constant Maturity 10 Year Gilt Fund-Reg(G)

Birla SL Constant Maturity 10 Year Gilt Fund-Reg(QD)

Birla SL Income Plus(QD)

Birla SL Income Plus(G)

Birla SL India Opportunities Fund(D)

Birla SL India Opportunities Fund(G)

Birla SL Intl. Equity Fund-B(D)

Birla SL Intl. Equity Fund-B(G)

Birla SL Income Plus(DAP)

Birla SL India Reforms Fund(G)

Birla SL India Reforms Fund(D)

Birla SL ST Opportunities Fund(D)

Birla SL Cash Plus(DD)

Birla SL Cash Plus(G)

Birla SL Cash Plus(WD)

Birla SL FRF-Short Term Plan(WD)

Birla SL FRF-Short Term Plan(DD)

Birla SL FRF-Short Term Plan(G)

Birla SL India GenNext Fund(D)

Birla SL India GenNext Fund(G)

Birla SL MNC Fund(G)

Birla SL Cash Mgr Fund(G)

Birla SL Cash Mgr Fund(WD)

Birla SL Intl. Equity Fund-A(D)

Birla SL Intl. Equity Fund-A(G)

Birla SL Savings Fund(DD)

Birla SL Savings Fund(G)

Birla SL Savings Fund(WD)

Birla SL Global Real Estate Fund(G)

Birla SL Treasury Optimizer Plan(D)

Birla SL Treasury Optimizer Plan(QD)

Birla SL Global Commodities Fund(G)

Birla SL Global Commodities Fund(D)

Birla SL CEF-Global Agri-Reg(G)

Birla SL CEF-Global Agri-Reg(D)

Birla SL Treasury Optimizer Plan(MD)

Birla SL FRF-Long Term Plan(WD)

Birla SL Financial Planning FOF Conservative Plan(G)

Birla SL Financial Planning FOF Conservative Plan(D)

Birla SL Financial Planning FOF Prudent Plan(G)

Birla SL Financial Planning FOF Prudent Plan(D)

Birla SL Financial Planning FOF Aggressive Plan(G)

Birla SL Financial Planning FOF Aggressive Plan(D)

Birla SL Cash Mgr Fund(DD)

Birla SL FRF-Long Term Plan(DD)

Birla SL Gold Fund(G)

Birla SL Gold Fund(D)

Birla SL CPO Fund-Sr 19

Birla SL CPO Fund-Sr 20

Birla SL MNC Fund(D)

Birla SL Banking & Financial Services Fund-Reg(G)

Birla SL CPO Fund-Sr 16

Birla SL CPO Fund-Sr 17

Birla SL Banking & Financial Services Fund-Reg(D)

Birla SL CPO Fund-Sr 18

Birla SL Focused Equity Fund-1-Reg(G)

Birla SL Focused Equity Fund-1-Reg(D)

Birla SL Focused Equity Fund-2-Reg(G)

Birla SL Focused Equity Fund-2-Reg(D)

Birla SL CPO Fund-Sr 21

Birla SL Emerging Leaders Fund-1-Reg(G)

Birla SL Emerging Leaders Fund-2-Reg(G)

Birla SL Emerging Leaders Fund-1-Reg(D)

Birla SL Emerging Leaders Fund-2-Reg(D)

Birla SL Emerging Leaders Fund-3-Reg(G)

Birla SL Emerging Leaders Fund-4-Reg(G)

Birla SL Corp Bond Fund-Reg(G)

Birla SL Emerging Leaders Fund-3-Reg(D)

Birla SL Emerging Leaders Fund-4-Reg(D)

Birla SL CPO Fund-Sr 22

Birla SL CPO Fund-Sr 25

Birla SL Focused Equity Fund-3-Reg(G)

Birla SL Focused Equity Fund-4-Reg(G)

Birla SL Focused Equity Fund-5-Reg(G)

Birla SL CPO Fund-Sr 23

Birla SL Eq Savings Fund-Reg(G)

Birla SL Emerging Leaders Fund-5-Reg(G)

Birla SL Emerging Leaders Fund-6-Reg(G)

Birla SL Mfg. Equity Fund-Reg(G)

Birla SL Focused Equity Fund-3-Reg(D)

Birla SL Eq Savings Fund-Reg(D)

Birla SL Global Real Estate Fund(D)

Birla SL Focused Equity Fund-4-Reg(D)

Birla SL Emerging Leaders Fund-5-Reg(D)

Birla SL CPO Fund-Sr 26

Birla SL Corp Bond Fund-Reg(D)

Birla SL Emerging Leaders Fund-6-Reg(D)

Birla SL Focused Equity Fund-6-Reg(G)

Birla SL CPO Fund-Sr 30

Birla SL CPO Fund-Sr 29

Birla SL Emerging Leaders Fund-7-Reg(G)

Birla SL Focused Equity Fund-6-Reg(D)

Birla SL Emerging Leaders Fund-7-Reg(D)

Baroda Pioneer Assets Management Company
Bharti AXA Asset Management Company

BOI AXA Liquid Fund-Reg(DD)

BOI AXA Liquid Fund-Reg(WD)

BOI AXA ST Income Fund-Reg(G)

BOI AXA ST Income Fund-Reg(MD)

BOI AXA ST Income Fund-Reg(QD)

BOI AXA Equity Fund-Reg(G)

BOI AXA Equity Fund-Reg(D)

BOI AXA Equity Fund-Reg(QD)

BOI AXA Tax Adv Fund-Reg(G)

BOI AXA Tax Adv Fund-Reg(D)

BOI AXA Mfg & Infra Fund(G)

BOI AXA Mfg & Infra Fund(D)

BOI AXA Mfg & Infra Fund(QD)

BOI AXA Treasury Adv Fund-Reg(G)

BOI AXA Treasury Adv Fund-Reg(WD)

BOI AXA Regular Return Fund-Reg(G)

BOI AXA Regular Return Fund-Reg(MD)

BOI AXA Regular Return Fund-Reg(QD)

BOI AXA Regular Return Fund-Reg(AD)

BOI AXA Equity Debt Rebalancer Fund-Reg(G)

BOI AXA Equity Debt Rebalancer Fund-Reg(D)

BOI AXA Corporate Credit Spectrum Fund-Reg(G)



BNP Paribas Asset Management India Pvt Ltd

BNP Paribas Mid Cap Fund(D)

BNP Paribas Mid Cap Fund(G)

BNP Paribas Dividend Yield Fund(D)

BNP Paribas Dividend Yield Fund(G)

BNP Paribas Equity Fund(D)

BNP Paribas Equity Fund(G)

BNP Paribas LT Equity Fund(D)

BNP Paribas LT Equity Fund(G)

BNP Paribas MIP Fund-Reg(G)

BNP Paribas MIP Fund-Reg(MD)

BNP Paribas MIP Fund-Reg(QD)

BNP Paribas Medium Term Income Fund(G)

BNP Paribas Medium Term Income Fund(QD)

BNP Paribas Medium Term Income Fund(HD)

BNP Paribas Medium Term Income Fund(AD)

BNP Paribas Medium Term Income Fund(MD)

BNP Paribas Overnight Fund(DD)

BNP Paribas Overnight Fund(G)

BNP Paribas Overnight Fund(WD)

BNP Paribas Flexi Debt Fund(DD)

BNP Paribas Flexi Debt Fund(G)

BNP Paribas Flexi Debt Fund(HD)

BNP Paribas Flexi Debt Fund(QD)

BNP Paribas Flexi Debt Fund(WD)

BNP Paribas ST Income Fund(MD)

BNP Paribas ST Income Fund(G)

BNP Paribas ST Income Fund(DD)

BNP Paribas ST Income Fund(WD)

BNP Paribas Money Plus Fund(DD)

BNP Paribas Money Plus Fund(G)

BNP Paribas Money Plus Fund(MD)

BNP Paribas Money Plus Fund(WD)

BNP Paribas Bond Fund(G)

BNP Paribas Flexi Debt Fund(MD)

BNP Paribas Bond Fund(MD)

BNP Paribas Bond Fund(QD)

BNP Paribas Bond Fund(AD)

BNP Paribas CPO-I(G)

BNP Paribas CPO-I(D)

BNP Paribas CPO-II(G)

BNP Paribas CPO-II(D)

BNP Paribas Government Securities Fund(G)

BNP Paribas Government Securities Fund(MD)

BNP Paribas Government Securities Fund(HD)

BNP Paribas Government Securities Fund(AD)

Canara Robeco Asset Management Company Ltd

Canara Rob Infrastructure Fund-Reg(G)

Canara Rob Balance Scheme-Reg(G)

Canara Rob Balance Scheme-Reg(MD)

Canara Rob MIP-Reg(G)

Canara Rob MIP-Reg(MD)

Canara Rob Emerg Eq Fund-Reg(G)

Canara Rob Emerg Eq Fund-Reg(D)

Canara Rob Gilt PGS-Reg(G)

Canara Rob Gilt PGS-Reg(D)

Canara Rob Large Cap+ Fund-Reg(G)

Canara Rob Large Cap+ Fund-Reg(D)

Canara Rob Eq Diver Fund-Reg(G)

Canara Rob Eq Diver Fund-Reg(D)

Canara Rob Equity Tax Saver Fund-Reg(D)

Canara Rob Income-Reg(G)

Canara Rob Income-Reg(QD)

Canara Rob Equity Tax Saver Fund-Reg(G)

Canara Rob Dynamic Bond Fund-Reg(G)

Canara Rob Dynamic Bond Fund-Reg(D)

Canara Rob Savings Plus Fund-Reg(DD)

Canara Rob Savings Plus Fund-Reg(D)

Canara Rob Savings Plus Fund-Reg(G)

Canara Rob Savings Plus Fund-Reg(WD)

Canara Rob Liquid Fund(WD)

Canara Rob Treasury Adv Fund-Reg(G)

Canara Rob Treasury Adv Fund-Reg(DD)

Canara Rob Liquid Fund(DD)

Canara Rob Liquid Fund(G)

Canara Rob Treasury Adv Fund-Reg(WD)

Canara Rob Short Term Fund-Reg(G)

Canara Rob Short Term Fund-Reg(MD)

Canara Rob F.O.R.C.E. Fund-Reg(G)

Canara Rob F.O.R.C.E. Fund-Reg(D)

Canara Rob InDiGo Fund-Reg(G)

Canara Rob InDiGo Fund-Reg(QD)

Canara Rob Yield Adv Fund-Reg(G)

Canara Rob Yield Adv Fund-Reg(MD)

Canara Rob Yield Adv Fund-Reg(QD)

Canara Rob Gold Saving Fund-Reg(G)

Canara Rob Gold Saving Fund-Reg(D)

Canara Rob Medium Term Opp Fund-Reg(G)

Canara Rob Medium Term Opp Fund-Reg(D)

Canara Robeco India Opp-Reg(G)

Canara Rob CPO Fund-3-Reg(G)

Canara Rob CPO Fund-3-Reg(D)

Canara Robeco India Opp-Reg(D)

Canara Rob CPO Fund-4-Reg(G)

Canara Robeco India Opp-2-Reg(G)

Canara Rob CPO Fund-4-Reg(D)

Canara Robeco India Opp-2-Reg(D)

Canara Rob CPO Fund-5-Reg(G)

Canara Rob CPO Fund-5-Reg(D)

Canara Rob CPO Fund-6-Reg(G)

Canara Rob CPO Fund-6-Reg(D)

DHFL Pramerica Asset Management Company

DHFL Pramerica Ultra ST(G)

DHFL Pramerica Ultra ST(WD)

DHFL Pramerica Short Maturity Fund(G)

DHFL Pramerica Short Maturity Fund(MD)

DHFL Pramerica Short Maturity Fund(WD)

DHFL Pramerica Income Advantage Fund(G)

DHFL Pramerica Income Advantage Fund(MD)

DHFL Pramerica ST FRF(G)

DHFL Pramerica ST FRF(D)

DHFL Pramerica ST FRF(WD)

DHFL Pramerica ST FRF(MD)

DHFL Pramerica ST FRF(AD)

DHFL Pramerica ST FRF(QD)

DHFL Pramerica Large Cap Fund(D)

DHFL Pramerica Large Cap Fund(G)

DHFL Pramerica Low Duration Fund(FD)

DHFL Pramerica Low Duration Fund(G)

DHFL Pramerica Low Duration Fund(MD)

DHFL Pramerica Low Duration Fund(WD)

DHFL Pramerica Top Euroland Offshore Fund(D)

DHFL Pramerica Top Euroland Offshore Fund(G)

DHFL Pramerica Insta Cash Plus Fund(G)

DHFL Pramerica Insta Cash Plus Fund(DD)

DHFL Pramerica Insta Cash Plus Fund(MD)

DHFL Pramerica Insta Cash Plus Fund(WD)

DHFL Pramerica Balanced Advantage Fund(D)

DHFL Pramerica Balanced Advantage Fund(G)

DHFL Pramerica Equity Income Fund(AD)

DHFL Pramerica Equity Income Fund(G)

DHFL Pramerica Equity Income Fund(MD)

DHFL Pramerica Equity Income Fund(QD)

DHFL Pramerica Premier Bond Fund(QD)

DHFL Pramerica Premier Bond Fund(AD)

DHFL Pramerica Premier Bond Fund(G)

DHFL Pramerica Premier Bond Fund(MD)

DHFL Pramerica Low Duration Fund(DD)

DHFL Pramerica Ultra ST(MD)

DHFL Pramerica Gilt Fund(G)

DHFL Pramerica Gilt Fund(D)

DHFL Pramerica Global Agribusiness Offshore Fund(G)

DHFL Pramerica Global Agribusiness Offshore Fund(D)

DHFL Pramerica Short Maturity Fund(B)

DHFL Pramerica Dynamic Bond Fund(G)

DHFL Pramerica Dynamic Bond Fund(MD)

DHFL Pramerica Ultra ST(QD)

DHFL Pramerica Banking & PSU Debt Fund(G)

DHFL Pramerica Banking & PSU Debt Fund(MD)

DHFL Pramerica Inflation Indexed Bond Fund-Reg(G)

DHFL Pramerica Medium Term Income Fund-Reg(G)

DHFL Pramerica Midcap Opp Fund-Reg(G)

DHFL Pramerica Midcap Opp Fund-Reg(D)

DHFL Pramerica Inflation Indexed Bond Fund-Reg(D)

DHFL Pramerica Inflation Indexed Bond Fund-Reg(MD)

DHFL Pramerica Inflation Indexed Bond Fund-Reg(QD)

DHFL Pramerica Tax Savings Fund-Reg(G)

DHFL Pramerica Medium Term Income Fund-Reg(D)

DHFL Pramerica Arbitrage Fund-Reg(G)

DHFL Pramerica Credit Opp Fund-Reg(G)

DHFL Pramerica Arbitrage Fund-Reg(D)

DHFL Pramerica Arbitrage Fund-Reg(AD)

DHFL Pramerica Arbitrage Fund-Reg(QD)

DHFL Pramerica Credit Opp Fund-Reg(D)

DHFL Pramerica Credit Opp Fund-Reg(AD)

DHFL Pramerica Credit Opp Fund-Reg(QD)

DHFL Pramerica Credit Opp Fund-Reg(MD)

DHFL Pramerica Diversified Equity Fund-Reg(G)

DHFL Pramerica Diversified Equity Fund-Reg(D)

DHFL Pramerica Tax Savings Fund-Reg(D)

DSP BlackRock Investment Managers Pvt. Ltd.

DSPBR Tax Saver Fund-Reg(D)

DSPBR Tax Saver Fund-Reg(G)

DSPBR Focus 25 Fund-Reg(G)

DSPBR Focus 25 Fund-Reg(D)

DSPBR Micro-Cap Fund-Reg(D)

DSPBR Balanced Fund-Reg(D)

DSPBR Balanced Fund-Reg(G)

DSPBR Treasury Bill Fund-Reg(D)

DSPBR Treasury Bill Fund-Reg(G)

DSPBR Treasury Bill Fund-Reg(MD)

DSPBR Opportunities Fund-Reg(D)

DSPBR Opportunities Fund-Reg(G)




DSPBR Short Term Fund-Reg(D)

DSPBR Short Term Fund-Reg(G)

DSPBR Short Term Fund-Reg(MDR)

DSPBR Short Term Fund-Reg(WD)

DSPBR Top 100 Equity Fund-Reg(D)

DSPBR Top 100 Equity Fund-Reg(G)

DSPBR Bond Fund(D)

DSPBR Bond Fund(G)

DSPBR Bond Fund(MD)

DSPBR Equity Fund-Reg(D)

DSPBR Equity Fund-Reg(G)

DSPBR G Sec Fund-Reg(MD)

DSPBR G Sec Fund-Reg(D)

DSPBR G Sec Fund-Reg(G)

DSPBR Money Manager Fund-Reg(DD)

DSPBR Money Manager Fund-Reg(G)

DSPBR Money Manager Fund-Reg(WD)

DSPBR Small & Mid Cap Fund-Reg(D)

DSPBR Small & Mid Cap Fund-Reg(G)

DSPBR Fund-Reg(G)

DSPBR Fund-Reg(D)

DSPBR Income Opportunities Fund-Reg(DD)

DSPBR Income Opportunities Fund-Reg(D)

DSPBR Income Opportunities Fund-Reg(G)

DSPBR Income Opportunities Fund-Reg(WD)

DSPBR India T.I.G.E.R Fund-Reg(D)

DSPBR India T.I.G.E.R Fund-Reg(G)

DSPBR Liquidity Fund(DD)

DSPBR Liquidity Fund(G)

DSPBR Liquidity Fund(WD)

DSPBR Strategic Bond Fund(G)

DSPBR World Gold Fund-Reg(G)

DSPBR World Gold Fund-Reg(D)

DSPBR Natural Res & New Energy Fund-Reg(G)

DSPBR Natural Res & New Energy Fund-Reg(D)

DSPBR World Energy Fund-Reg(G)

DSPBR World Energy Fund-Reg(D)

DSPBR World Mining Fund-Reg(G)

DSPBR World Mining Fund-Reg(D)

DSPBR World Agriculture Fund-Reg(G)

DSPBR World Agriculture Fund-Reg(D)

DSPBR Global Allocation Fund-Reg(G)

DSPBR Global Allocation Fund-Reg(D)

DSPBR US Flexible Equity Fund-Reg(G)

DSPBR US Flexible Equity Fund-Reg(D)

DSPBR Constant Maturity 10 Yr G-Sec Fund(G)

DSPBR Constant Maturity 10 Yr G-Sec Fund(D)

DSPBR Constant Maturity 10 Yr G-Sec Fund(MD)

DSPBR Constant Maturity 10 Yr G-Sec Fund(QD)

DSPBR Ultra Short Term Fund-Reg(G)

DSPBR Ultra Short Term Fund-Reg(DD)

DSPBR Ultra Short Term Fund-Reg(WD)

DSPBR Ultra Short Term Fund-Reg(MD)

DSPBR Ultra Short Term Fund-Reg(QD)

DSPBR Dual Advant-39-36M-Reg(G)

DSPBR Dual Advant-15-36M-Reg(G)

DSPBR Dual Advant-15-36M-Reg(D)

DSPBR Dual Advant-16-36M-Reg(G)

DSPBR Dual Advant-16-36M-Reg(D)

DSPBR Banking & PSU Debt Fund(G)

DSPBR Dual Advant-17-35M-Reg(G)

DSPBR Dual Advant-17-35M-Reg(D)

DSPBR Dual Advant-45-38M-Reg(G)

DSPBR Banking & PSU Debt Fund(D)

DSPBR Dual Advant-18-34M-Reg(G)

DSPBR Dual Advant-18-34M-Reg(D)

DSPBR Banking & PSU Debt Fund(MDR)

DSPBR Banking & PSU Debt Fund(QD)

DSPBR Banking & PSU Debt Fund(DD)

DSPBR Banking & PSU Debt Fund(WD)

DSPBR Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund-Reg(G)

DSPBR Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund-Reg(MD)

DSPBR Dual Advant-29-40M-Reg(G)

DSPBR 3Y Close Ended Eq Fund-Reg(G)

DSPBR Dual Advant-29-40M-Reg(D)

DSPBR 3Y Close Ended Eq Fund-Reg(D)

DSPBR Dual Advant-34-36M-Reg(G)

DSPBR Dual Advant-34-36M-Reg(D)

DSPBR Dual Advant-35-36M-Reg(G)

DSPBR Dual Advant-35-36M-Reg(D)

DSPBR Dual Advant-36-36M-Reg(G)

DSPBR Dual Advant-36-36M-Reg(D)

DSPBR Dual Advant-39-36M-Reg(D)

DSPBR Dual Advant-44-39M-Reg(G)

DSPBR Equity Savings Fund-Reg(G)

DSPBR Equity Savings Fund-Reg(D)

DSPBR Equity Savings Fund-Reg(MD)

DSPBR Equity Savings Fund-Reg(QD)

DSPBR Dual Advant-44-39M-Reg(D)

DSPBR Dual Advant-45-38M-Reg(D)

Edelweiss Asset Management Ltd.

Edelweiss ELSS Fund(D)

Edelweiss EDGE Top 100 Fund-A(G)

Edelweiss EDGE Top 100 Fund-A(D)

Edelweiss Absolute Return Fund(G)

Edelweiss Absolute Return Fund(D)

Edelweiss Bond Fund(G)

Edelweiss Bond Fund(DD)

Edelweiss Bond Fund(WD)

Edelweiss Bond Fund(MD)

Edelweiss Liquid Fund(G)

Edelweiss Liquid Fund(DD)

Edelweiss Liquid Fund(WD)

Edelweiss Liquid Fund(MD)

Edelweiss Prudent Advantage Fund-A(G)

Edelweiss Prudent Advantage Fund-A(D)

Edelweiss Equity Savings Advantage Fund(G)

Edelweiss Equity Savings Advantage Fund(D)

Edelweiss Emerging Leaders Fund(G)

Edelweiss Emerging Leaders Fund(D)

Edelweiss Arbitrage Fund-Reg(G)

Edelweiss Arbitrage Fund-Reg(D)

Franklin Templeton Asset Management (India) Pvt Ltd.

Franklin India High Growth Cos Fund(D)

Franklin India High Growth Cos Fund(G)

Franklin India Prima Plus Fund(D)

Franklin India Prima Plus Fund(G)

Franklin India Ultra Short Bond Fund-Super Inst(G)

Franklin Build India Fund(G)

Franklin Build India Fund(D)

Franklin India Bluechip Fund(D)

Franklin India Bluechip Fund(G)

Franklin India Flexi Cap Fund(D)

Franklin India Flexi Cap Fund(G)

Franklin India Prima Fund(D)

Franklin India Prima Fund(G)

Franklin India Smaller Cos Fund(D)

Franklin India Smaller Cos Fund(G)

Franklin India Taxshield(D)

Franklin India Taxshield(G)

Franklin India MIP(G)

Franklin India MIP(MD)

Franklin India MIP(QD)

Franklin India Pension Plan(D)

Franklin India Pension Plan(G)

Franklin India Balanced Fund(D)

Franklin India Balanced Fund(G)

Franklin India Life Stage FOFs-50s +FR(QD)

Franklin India Life Stage FOFs-50s +FR(G)

Franklin India Life Stage FOFs-20(D)

Franklin India Life Stage FOFs-20(G)

Franklin India Life Stage FOFs-40(D)

Franklin India Life Stage FOFs-40(G)

Franklin India IBA-A(AD)

Franklin India IBA-A(G)

Franklin India IBA-A(HD)

Franklin India IBA-A(MD)

Franklin India IBA-A(QD)

Franklin India TMA-Super Inst(DD)

Franklin India TMA-Super Inst(G)

Franklin India TMA-Super Inst(WD)

Franklin India Index Fund-NSE Nifty(D)

Franklin India Index Fund-NSE Nifty(G)

Franklin India Life Stage FOFs-30(D)

Franklin India Life Stage FOFs-30(G)

Franklin India Life Stage FOFs-50(D)

Franklin India Life Stage FOFs-50(G)

Templeton India Equity Income Fund(G)

Templeton India Equity Income Fund(DP)

Franklin India G-Sec-PF(D)

Franklin India G-Sec-LTP(QD)

Franklin India G-Sec-LTP(G)

Franklin India G-Sec-Comp(D)

Franklin India G-Sec-Comp(G)

Templeton India Growth Fund(D)

Templeton India Growth Fund(G)

Franklin India Dynamic Accrual Fund(QD)

Franklin India Dynamic Accrual Fund(G)

Franklin Infotech Fund(D)

Franklin Infotech Fund(G)

Franklin India Savings Plus Fund(D)

Franklin India Savings Plus Fund(G)

Franklin India ST Income Plan(WD)

Franklin India ST Income Plan(G)

Franklin India ST Income Plan(MD)

Franklin India ST Income Plan(QD)

Franklin India Income Opportunities Fund(G)

Franklin India Income Opportunities Fund(D)

Franklin India Corporate Bond Opportunities Fund(G)

Franklin India Corporate Bond Opportunities Fund(DR)

Franklin India Opportunities Fund(D)

Franklin India Opportunities Fund(G)

Franklin India Dynamic PE Ratio FOFs(D)

Franklin India Dynamic PE Ratio FOFs(G)

Franklin India Low Duration Fund(MD)

Franklin India Low Duration Fund(QD)

Franklin Asian Equity Fund(G)

Franklin Asian Equity Fund(D)

Franklin India Ultra Short Bond Fund-Super Inst(DD)

Franklin India Ultra Short Bond Fund-Super Inst(WD)

Franklin India Low Duration Fund(G)

Franklin India Feeder – Franklin U.S. Opportunities Fund(G)

Franklin India Feeder – Franklin U.S. Opportunities Fund(D)

Franklin India Feeder – Franklin European Growth Fund(G)

Franklin India Banking & PSU Debt Fund(G)

Franklin India Banking & PSU Debt Fund(D)

Franklin India Feeder – Franklin European Growth Fund(D)

Franklin India Multi-Asset Solution Fund(G)

Franklin India Multi-Asset Solution Fund(D)

HDFC Asset Management Company Ltd
HSBC Asset Management (India) Pvt. Ltd.

HSBC India Opportunities Fund(G)

HSBC Equity Fund(D)

HSBC Equity Fund(G)

HSBC Tax Saver Equity Fund(D)

HSBC Tax Saver Equity Fund(G)

HSBC Dividend Yield Equity Fund(G)

HSBC Dynamic Fund(D)

HSBC Dynamic Fund(G)

HSBC Income-Short Term Plan(G)

HSBC Income-Short Term Plan(D)

HSBC MIP-Savings(G)

HSBC MIP-Savings(MD)

HSBC MIP-Savings(QD)

HSBC Income-Invest Plan(G)

HSBC Income-Invest Plan(D)

HSBC Midcap Equity Fund(D)

HSBC Midcap Equity Fund(G)

HSBC Infra Equity Fund(D)

HSBC Infra Equity Fund(G)

HSBC Flexi Debt Fund(FD)

HSBC Flexi Debt Fund(G)

HSBC Flexi Debt Fund(MD)

HSBC Emerging Mkts Fund(G)

HSBC Emerging Mkts Fund(D)

HSBC Brazil Fund(G)

HSBC Brazil Fund(D)

HSBC Asia Pacific (Ex Japan) DYF-Reg(G)

HSBC Asia Pacific (Ex Japan) DYF-Reg(D)

HSBC Managed Solutions India-Growth(G)

HSBC Managed Solutions India-Moderate(G)

HSBC Managed Solutions India-Conservative(G)

HSBC Managed Solutions India-Growth(D)

HSBC Managed Solutions India-Moderate(D)

HSBC Managed Solutions India-Conservative(D)

HSBC Global Consumer Opportunities Fund (HGCOF)-Reg(G)

ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company Ltd

ICICI Pru Child Care Plan-Study Plan

ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund(D)

ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund(G)

ICICI Pru Advisor Series-Dynamic Accrual Plan(G)

ICICI Pru Advisor Series-Dynamic Accrual Plan(D)

ICICI Pru Balanced Advantage Fund(D)

ICICI Pru Balanced Advantage Fund(G)

ICICI Pru Balanced Fund(MD)

ICICI Pru Balanced Fund(G)

ICICI Pru Technology Fund(G)

ICICI Pru Focused BlueChip Eq Fund(G)

ICICI Pru Focused BlueChip Eq Fund(D)

ICICI Pru Banking & Fin Serv Fund(G)

ICICI Pru Banking & Fin Serv Fund(D)

ICICI Pru Technology Fund(D)

ICICI Pru Balanced Advantage Fund(MD)

ICICI Pru Equity-Arbitrage Fund(D)

ICICI Pru Equity-Arbitrage Fund(G)

ICICI Pru Child Care Plan-Gift Plan

ICICI Pru Dynamic Plan(D)

ICICI Pru Dynamic Plan(G)

ICICI Pru Midcap Fund(D)

ICICI Pru Midcap Fund(G)

ICICI Pru Flexible Income Plan(G)

ICICI Pru Gilt-Invest-PF(G)

ICICI Pru Top 100 Fund(D)

ICICI Pru Top 100 Fund(G)



ICICI Pru Nifty Index Fund(G)

ICICI Pru Indo Asia Eq Fund(D)

ICICI Pru Indo Asia Eq Fund(G)

ICICI Pru Infrastructure Fund(D)

ICICI Pru Infrastructure Fund(G)





ICICI Pru Multicap Fund(D)

ICICI Pru Multicap Fund(G)

ICICI Pru LT Equity Fund (Tax Saving)(D)

ICICI Pru LT Equity Fund (Tax Saving)(G)

ICICI Pru Select Large Cap Fund(G)

ICICI Pru Dynamic Bond Fund(G)

ICICI Pru Dynamic Bond Fund(MD)

ICICI Pru Dynamic Bond Fund(QD)

ICICI Pru Nifty Next 50 Index Fund(G)

ICICI Pru Nifty Next 50 Index Fund(D)

ICICI Pru Dynamic Bond Fund(DD)

ICICI Pru Regular Income Fund(G)

ICICI Pru Regular Income Fund(MD)

ICICI Pru Regular Income Fund(QD)

ICICI Pru Regular Income Fund(HD)

ICICI Pru Short Term Gilt Fund(HD)

ICICI Pru Short Term Gilt Fund(QD)

ICICI Pru Short Term Gilt Fund(G)

ICICI Pru Long Term Gilt Fund(D)

ICICI Pru Long Term Gilt Fund(G)

ICICI Pru Short Term Plan(G)

ICICI Pru Short Term Plan(MD)

ICICI Pru Short Term Plan(FD)

ICICI Pru Money Market Fund(G)

ICICI Pru Moderate(D)

ICICI Pru Moderate(G)

ICICI Pru Regular Savings(G)

ICICI Pru Regular Savings(QD)

ICICI Pru Regular Savings(HD)

ICICI Pru Gilt-Treasury-PF(G)

ICICI Pru Income(G)

ICICI Pru Income(HD)

ICICI Pru Income(QD)

ICICI Pru Long Term Savings Plan(D)

ICICI Pru Long Term Savings Plan(G)

ICICI Pru Flexible Income Plan(WD)

ICICI Pru Flexible Income Plan(DD)

ICICI Pru Savings Fund(DD)

ICICI Pru Savings Fund(FD)

ICICI Pru Savings Fund(G)



ICICI Pru Liquid Plan(QD)

ICICI Pru Liquid Plan(DD)

ICICI Pru Liquid Plan(G)

ICICI Pru Liquid Plan(MD)

ICICI Pru Liquid Plan(WD)

ICICI Pru Corporate Bond Fund(G)

ICICI Pru Exports & Other Services Fund(D)

ICICI Pru Exports & Other Services Fund(G)

ICICI Pru Money Market Fund(DD)

ICICI Pru Money Market Fund(FD)

ICICI Pru Money Market Fund(MD)

ICICI Pru Money Market Fund(WD)

ICICI Pru Cautious(D)

ICICI Pru Cautious(G)

ICICI Pru Very Aggressive(D)

ICICI Pru Very Aggressive(G)

ICICI Pru Income Opportunities Fund(G)

ICICI Pru Income Opportunities Fund(MD)

ICICI Pru Savings Fund(WD)

ICICI Pru Income Opportunities Fund(QD)

ICICI Pru Select Large Cap Fund(D)

ICICI Pru Long Term Plan(D)

ICICI Pru R.I.G.H.T Fund(G)

ICICI Pru R.I.G.H.T Fund(D)

ICICI Pru Ultra Short Term Plan(MD)

ICICI Pru Ultra Short Term Plan(DD)

ICICI Pru Ultra Short Term Plan(G)

ICICI Pru Banking & PSU Debt Fund(G)

ICICI Pru Banking & PSU Debt Fund(DD)

ICICI Pru Banking & PSU Debt Fund(WD)

ICICI Pru Ultra Short Term Plan(FD)

ICICI Pru Long Term Plan(G)

ICICI Pru Ultra Short Term Plan(WD)

ICICI Pru Ultra Short Term Plan(QD)

ICICI Pru Corporate Bond Fund(QD)

ICICI Pru Long Term Plan(QD)

ICICI Pru Regular Gold Savings Fund(G)

ICICI Pru Regular Gold Savings Fund(D)

ICICI Pru US Bluechip Equity Fund(G)

ICICI Pru Global Stable Equity Fund(G)

ICICI Pru Global Stable Equity Fund(D)

ICICI Pru Corporate Bond Fund(HD)

ICICI Pru US Bluechip Equity Fund(D)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-7-D(G)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-7-D(D)

ICICI Pru Dividend Yield Equity Fund(G)

ICICI Pru Dividend Yield Equity Fund(D)







ICICI Pru Equity Saving Fund-1(G)

ICICI Pru Equity Saving Fund-1(D)



ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-3-C(G)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-3-D(G)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-3-D(D)

ICICI Pru Flexible Income Plan(MD)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VII-A-1285D(G)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-4-A(G)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-4-A(D)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-4-C(G)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-4-C(D)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-4-B(G)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-4-B(D)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-4-D(G)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-4-D(D)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-7-C(G)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-4-E(G)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-4-E(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-IV-A-60M(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-IV-A-60M(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-IV-C-60M(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-IV-C-60M(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VI-F-1100D(G)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-5-A(G)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-5-A(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-IV-D-60M(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-IV-D-60M(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-IV-E-36M(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-IV-E-36M(D)

ICICI Pru Value Fund-1(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-IV-F-60M(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-IV-F-60M(D)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-5-B(G)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-5-B(D)

ICICI Pru Value Fund-2(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-V-A-5Y(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-IV-G-60M(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-IV-G-60M(D)

ICICI Pru Value Fund-3(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-IV-H-36M(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-IV-H-36M(D)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-6-A(G)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-5-D(G)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-5-D(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-V-A-5Y(D)

ICICI Pru Growth Fund-3(DP)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-V-B-1100D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-V-B-1100D(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-V-C-1825D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-V-C-1825D(D)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-6-A(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VI-A-1825D(G)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-6-E(G)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-6-E(D)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-6-D(G)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-6-D(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-V-E-1100D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-V-E-1100D(D)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-7-A(G)

ICICI Pru Value Fund-4(G)

ICICI Pru Value Fund-4(D)

ICICI Pru Value Fund-5(G)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-6-F(G)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-6-F(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-V-F-1100D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-V-F-1100D(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VI-A-1825D(D)

ICICI Pru Growth Fund-1(DP)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-7-A(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VI-B-1100D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VI-B-1100D(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VI-C-1825D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VI-C-1825D(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VI-D-1100D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VI-D-1100D(D)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-7-B(G)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-7-B(D)

ICICI Pru Growth Fund-2(DP)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VI-E-1100D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VI-E-1100D(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VI-F-1100D(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VI-G-1100D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VI-G-1100D(D)

ICICI Pru Value Fund-5(D)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-7-C(D)

ICICI Pru Constant Maturity Gilt Fund(G)

ICICI Pru Constant Maturity Gilt Fund(MD)

ICICI Pru Constant Maturity Gilt Fund(QD)

ICICI Pru Constant Maturity Gilt Fund(HD)

ICICI Pru Constant Maturity Gilt Fund(AD)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-8-A(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VI-H-1100D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VI-H-1100D(D)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-7-E(G)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-7-E(D)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-7-F(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VII-A-1285D(D)

ICICI Pru Growth Fund-4(DP)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-8-A(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VII-B-1285D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VII-B-1285D(D)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-8-C(G)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-8-C(D)

ICICI Pru Equity Income Fund(G)

ICICI Pru Growth Fund-5(DP)

ICICI Pru Equity Income Fund(MD)

ICICI Pru Equity Income Fund(QDP)

ICICI Pru Equity Income Fund(HD)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VII-C-1284D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VII-C-1284D(D)

ICICI Pru Growth Fund-6(DP)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VII-D-1822D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VII-D-1822D(D)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-9-A(G)

ICICI Pru Value Fund-6(G)

ICICI Pru Growth Fund-7(DP)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VII-E-1284D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VII-E-1284D(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VII-F-1288D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VII-F-1288D(D)

ICICI Pru Growth Fund-8(DP)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-8-F(G)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-8-F(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VII-G-1285D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VII-G-1285D(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VII-H-1284D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VII-H-1284D(D)

ICICI Pru India Recovery Fund-1(D)

ICICI Pru Business Cycle Fund-1(G)

ICICI Pru India Recovery Fund-2(D)

ICICI Pru India Recovery Fund-4(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VIII-A-1300D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VIII-A-1300D(D)

ICICI Pru Value Fund-6(D)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-9-A(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VIII-B-1103D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VIII-B-1103D(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VIII-C-1103D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VIII-C-1103D(D)

ICICI Pru Value Fund-8(D)

ICICI Pru Value Fund-7(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VIII-D-1101D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VIII-D-1101D(D)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-10-A(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VIII-E-1107D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VIII-E-1107D(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VIII-F-1115D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VIII-F-1115D(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VIII-G-1101D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VIII-G-1101D(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VIII-H-1105D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VIII-H-1105D(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VIII-I-1290D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VIII-I-1290D(D)

ICICI Pru India Recovery Fund-3(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VIII-J-1284D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-VIII-J-1284D(D)

ICICI Pru Business Cycle Fund-1(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-IX-A-1101D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-IX-A-1101D(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-IX-B-1103D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-IX-B-1103D(D)

ICICI Pru Business Cycle Fund-2(G)

ICICI Pru Business Cycle Fund-2(D)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-10-A(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-IX-C-1195D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-IX-C-1195D(D)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-10-B(G)

ICICI Pru Multiple Yield-10-B(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-IX-D-1378D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-IX-D-1378D(D)

ICICI Pru Business Cycle Fund-3(G)

ICICI Pru Business Cycle Fund-3(D)

ICICI Pru Balanced Fund(AD)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-X-A-1235D(G)

ICICI Pru India Recovery Fund-4(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-IX-E-1325D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-IX-E-1325D(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-IX-F-1120D(G)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-IX-F-1120D(D)

ICICI Pru India Recovery Fund-5(G)

ICICI Pru India Recovery Fund-5(D)

ICICI Pru CPO Fund-X-A-1235D(D)

ICICI Pru India Recovery Fund-7(D)

IDBI Asset Management Ltd.

IDBI Liquid Fund(G)

IDBI Liquid Fund(DD)

IDBI Liquid Fund(WD)

IDBI Liquid Fund(MD)

IDBI Nifty Junior Index Fund(G)

IDBI Nifty Junior Index Fund(D)

IDBI Equity Advantage Fund-Reg(G)

IDBI Equity Advantage Fund-Reg(D)




IDBI Ultra ST(G)




IDBI Nifty Index Fund(G)

IDBI Nifty Index Fund(D)




IDBI Dynamic Bond(G)

IDBI Dynamic Bond(AD)

IDBI Gilt Fund(G)

IDBI Gilt Fund(QD)

IDBI Gilt Fund(AD)

IDBI India Top 100 Equity Fund(G)

IDBI India Top 100 Equity Fund(D)

IDBI Gold Fund(G)

IDBI Debt Opp Fund(G)

IDBI Debt Opp Fund(QD)

IDBI Debt Opp Fund(AD)

IDBI Diversified Equity Fund(G)

IDBI Diversified Equity Fund(D)

IDFC Asset Management Company Ltd

IDFC Tax Advt(ELSS) Fund-Reg(G)

IDFC Tax Advt(ELSS) Fund-Reg(D)

IDFC Asset Alloc-Cons-Reg(G)

IDFC Asset Alloc-Cons-Reg(D)




IDFC All Seasons Bond Fund-Reg(AD)

IDFC All Seasons Bond Fund-Reg(G)

IDFC All Seasons Bond Fund-Reg(HD)

IDFC All Seasons Bond Fund-Reg(QD)

IDFC Arbitrage Fund-Reg(D)

IDFC Arbitrage Fund-Reg(G)

IDFC Premier Equity Fund-Reg(D)

IDFC Premier Equity Fund-Reg(G)

IDFC Asset Alloc-Aggr-Reg(G)

IDFC Asset Alloc-Mod-Reg(G)

IDFC Asset Alloc-Aggr-Reg(D)

IDFC Asset Alloc-Mod-Reg(D)



IDFC Nifty Fund-Reg(G)

IDFC Nifty Fund-Reg(D)




IDFC Sterling Equity Fund-Reg(G)

IDFC Sterling Equity Fund-Reg(D)

IDFC Imperial Equity Fund-Reg(D)

IDFC Imperial Equity Fund-Reg(G)

IDFC Arbitrage Plus Fund-Reg(G)

IDFC Arbitrage Plus Fund-Reg(D)

IDFC Infrastructure-Reg(G)

IDFC Infrastructure-Reg(D)

IDFC Cash Fund-Reg(DD)

IDFC Cash Fund-Reg(G)

IDFC Cash Fund-Reg(MD)

IDFC Cash Fund-Reg(WD)

IDFC Money Mgr-IP-Reg(MD)

IDFC Money Mgr-TP-Reg(DD)

IDFC Money Mgr-TP-Reg(G)

IDFC Money Mgr-IP-Reg(DD)

IDFC Money Mgr-IP-Reg(G)

IDFC Money Mgr-IP-Reg(WD)

IDFC Money Mgr-TP-Reg(MD)

IDFC Money Mgr-TP-Reg(WD)


IDFC G Sec-PF-Reg(G)


IDFC SSIF-Invest-Reg(HD)




IDFC SSIF-Invest-Reg(G)

IDFC SSIF-Invest-Reg(AD)

IDFC SSIF-Invest-Reg(QD)



IDFC Classic Equity Fund-Reg(D)

IDFC Classic Equity Fund-Reg(G)

IDFC Ultra Short Term Fund-Reg(DD)

IDFC Ultra Short Term Fund-Reg(G)

IDFC Ultra Short Term Fund-Reg(MD)

IDFC Ultra Short Term Fund-Reg(WD)

IDFC Dynamic Bond Fund-Reg(G)

IDFC G Sec-Invest-Reg(G)

IDFC G Sec-Invest-Reg(D)

IDFC Dynamic Bond Fund-Reg(D)

IDFC Dynamic Bond Fund-Reg(QD)

IDFC Banking Debt Fund-Reg(G)

IDFC Banking Debt Fund-Reg(D)

IDFC Equity Opportunity-2-Reg(DP)

IDFC Dynamic Equity Fund-Reg(G)

IDFC Dynamic Equity Fund-Reg(D)

IDFC Corp Bond Fund-Reg(G)

IDFC Corp Bond Fund-Reg(D)

India Infoline Asset Management Co. Ltd.
Indiabulls Asset Management Company Ltd.

Indiabulls Liquid Fund(G)

Indiabulls Liquid Fund(DD)

Indiabulls Liquid Fund(WD)

Indiabulls Liquid Fund(MD)

Indiabulls Ultra Short Term Fund(G)

Indiabulls Ultra Short Term Fund(MD)

Indiabulls Ultra Short Term Fund(WD)

Indiabulls Ultra Short Term Fund(DD)

Indiabulls Blue Chip Fund(G)

Indiabulls Blue Chip Fund(D)

Indiabulls Gilt(G)

Indiabulls Gilt(WD)

Indiabulls Gilt(FD)

Indiabulls Gilt(MD)

Indiabulls Income Fund-Reg(G)

Indiabulls Income Fund-Reg(MD)

Indiabulls ST Fund(G)

Indiabulls ST Fund(MD)

Indiabulls ST Fund(WD)

Indiabulls Arbitrage Fund-Reg(G)

Indiabulls Arbitrage Fund-Reg(D)

Indiabulls Value Discovery Fund-Reg(G)

Indiabulls Value Discovery Fund-Reg(D)

Indiabulls MIP-Reg(G)

Indiabulls MIP-Reg(D)

JM Financial Asset Management Pvt Limited

JM High Liquidity Fund(DD)

JM High Liquidity Fund(WD)

JM High Liquidity Fund(G)

JM High Liquidity Fund(QD)

JM Floater Long Term Fund-Reg(D)

JM Floater Long Term Fund-Reg(G)

JM Arbitrage Adv Fund(D)

JM Arbitrage Adv Fund(G)

JM Equity Fund(D)

JM Equity Fund(G)


JM MIP Fund(G)



JM Balanced Fund(D)

JM Balanced Fund(G)

JM Multi Strategy Fund(G)

JM Multi Strategy Fund(D)

JM G-Sec Fund-Reg(D)

JM G-Sec Fund-Reg(G)

JM Income(D)

JM Income(G)

JM Tax Gain Fund(G)

JM Tax Gain Fund(D)

JM Core 11 Fund(G)

JM Core 11 Fund(D)

JM Basic Fund(D)

JM Basic Fund(G)

JM Floater Short Term Fund(DD)

JM Floater Short Term Fund(G)

JM Money Mgr-Reg(DD)

JM Money Mgr-Reg(G)

JM Money Mgr-Super(DD)

JM Money Mgr-Super(G)

JM Money Mgr-Super(WD)

JM Money Mgr-Super Plus(DD)

JM Money Mgr-Super Plus(FD)

JM Money Mgr-Super Plus(G)

JM Money Mgr-Super Plus(WD)

JM Money Mgr-Reg(WD)

JM Short Term Fund(D)

JM Short Term Fund(G)

JM Money Mgr-Super(FD)

JM Money Mgr-Reg(FD)

JPMorgan Asset Management India Pvt. Ltd.

JPMorgan India Equity Fund-Reg(D)

JPMorgan India Equity Fund-Reg(G)

JPMorgan India Mid and Small Cap Fund-Reg(G)

JPMorgan India Mid and Small Cap Fund-Reg(D)

JPMorgan India Active Bond Fund(G)

JPMorgan India Active Bond Fund(D)

JPMorgan India ST Income(G)

JPMorgan India ST Income(D)

JPMorgan India ST Income(WD)

JPMorgan India Liquid Fund(G)

JPMorgan India Liquid Fund(DD)

JPMorgan India Liquid Fund(MD)

JPMorgan India Liquid Fund(WD)

JPMorgan India Treasury Fund(G)

JPMorgan India Treasury Fund(DD)

JPMorgan India Treasury Fund(WD)

JPMorgan India Treasury Fund(MD)

JPMorgan India Tax Advantage Fund-Reg(G)

JPMorgan India Tax Advantage Fund-Reg(D)

JPMorgan Gr China Eq Off-Shore Fund-Reg(G)

JPMorgan ASEAN Equity Off-shore Fund-Reg(G)

JPMorgan India Income-Sr 501(G)

JPMorgan India Income-Sr 501(D)

JPMorgan Emerging Markets Opp Eq. Offshore Fund-Reg(G)

JPMorgan US Value Equity Offshore Fund(G)

JPMorgan India Government Securities Fund-Reg(G)

JPMorgan India Banking and PSU Debt Fund(G)

JPMorgan India Banking and PSU Debt Fund(D)

JPMorgan Eur Dynamic Eq Off-shr Fund-Reg(G)

JPMorgan India Government Securities Fund-Reg(D)

JPMorgan India Corporate Debt Opp Fund-Reg(G)

JPMorgan India Corporate Debt Opp Fund-Reg(D)

JPMorgan India Top 100 Fund-Reg(G)

JPMorgan India Top 100 Fund-Reg(D)

JPMorgan India Corporate Debt Opp Fund-Reg(WDR)

JPMorgan India Corporate Debt Opp Fund-Reg(FDR)

JPMorgan India Corporate Debt Opp Fund-Reg(MD)

JPMorgan India Corporate Debt Opp Fund-Reg(AD)

JPMorgan India Equity Income Fund-Reg(G)

JPMorgan India Equity Income Fund-Reg(D)

JPMorgan India Equity Income Fund-Reg(D)

JPMorgan India Eco Resurgence Fund-Reg(G)

JPMorgan India Eco Resurgence Fund-Reg(D)

JPMorgan India Balanced Advantage Fund-Reg(D)

Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company Ltd.

Kotak 50(D)

Kotak 50(G)

Kotak Infra & Eco Reform Fund(G)

Kotak Select Focus Fund(G)

Kotak Select Focus Fund(D)

Kotak Classic Equity Scheme(D)

Kotak Classic Equity Scheme(G)

Kotak Emerging Equity Scheme(D)

Kotak Emerging Equity Scheme(G)

Kotak Equity Arbitrage Scheme(D)

Kotak Equity Arbitrage Scheme(G)

Kotak Floater-ST(G)

Kotak Floater-ST(WD)

Kotak MIP(G)

Kotak MIP(MD)

Kotak MIP(QD)

Kotak Midcap Scheme(D)

Kotak Midcap Scheme(G)

Kotak Opportunities Fund(D)

Kotak Opportunities Fund(G)

Kotak Floater-ST(DD)

Kotak Income Opportunities Fund(G)

Kotak Income Opportunities Fund(AD)

Kotak Income Opportunities Fund(WD)

Kotak Income Opportunities Fund(MD)

Kotak Income Opportunities Fund(QD)

Kotak Balance(D)

Kotak Bond-STP(MD)

Kotak Bond-STP(G)

Kotak Treasury Advantage Fund(G)

Kotak Treasury Advantage Fund(MD)

Kotak Treasury Advantage Fund(WD)

Kotak Banking and PSU Debt Fund(AD)

Kotak Banking and PSU Debt Fund(G)

Kotak Banking and PSU Debt Fund(MD)

Kotak Tax Saver Scheme(D)

Kotak Tax Saver Scheme(G)

Kotak Treasury Advantage Fund(DD)

Kotak Bond Fund – Plan A(AD)

Kotak Bond Fund – Plan A(G)

Kotak Bond Fund – Plan A(QP)

Kotak Gilt-Invest-Reg(D)

Kotak Gilt-Invest-Reg(G)

Kotak Corporate Bond Fund(G)

Kotak Asset Allocator Fund(D)

Kotak Asset Allocator Fund(G)

Kotak Global Emerging Mkt Fund(D)

Kotak Global Emerging Mkt Fund(G)

Kotak Liquid Fund – Plan A(DD)

Kotak Liquid Fund – Plan A(G)

Kotak Low Duration Fund(G)

Kotak Low Duration Fund(MD)

Kotak Low Duration Fund(WD)

Kotak World Gold Fund(G)

Kotak World Gold Fund(D)

Kotak Flexi Debt Fund – Plan A(DD)

Kotak Flexi Debt Fund – Plan A(G)

Kotak Flexi Debt Fund – Plan A(WD)

Kotak HFTP 2(G)

Kotak HFTP 2(D)

Kotak Multi Asset Allocation Fund(G)

Kotak Multi Asset Allocation Fund(MD)

Kotak Multi Asset Allocation Fund(QD)

Kotak Multi Asset Allocation Fund(AP)

Kotak Gold Fund(G)

Kotak Gold Fund(D)

Kotak US Equity Fund(G)

Kotak Medium Term Fund(G)

Kotak Medium Term Fund(QD)

Kotak Medium Term Fund(AD)

Kotak Equity Savings Fund(G)

Kotak Equity Savings Fund(MD)

Kotak Equity Savings Fund(QD)

Kotak Balance(G)

Kotak Equity Arbitrage Scheme(BMD)

Kotak CPO-1(G)

Kotak CPO-2(G)

Kotak CPO-1(D)

Kotak CPO-2(D)

Kotak CPO-3(G)

Kotak CPO-4(G)

Kotak CPO-3(D)

Kotak CPO-4(D)

L&T Investment Management Ltd.

L&T Gilt Fund-Reg(G)

L&T Gilt Fund-Reg(QD)

L&T India Prudence Fund-Reg(G)

L&T India Prudence Fund-Reg(D)

L&T Infrastructure Fund-Reg(G)

L&T Infrastructure Fund-Reg(D)

L&T Midcap Fund-Reg(G)

L&T Midcap Fund-Reg(D)

L&T Equity Fund-Reg(D)

L&T Equity Fund-Reg(G)

L&T India Large Cap Fund-Reg(D)

L&T India Large Cap Fund-Reg(G)

L&T India Spl.Situations Fund-Reg(D)

L&T India Spl.Situations Fund-Reg(G)

L&T Tax Advt Fund-Reg(D)

L&T Tax Advt Fund-Reg(G)

L&T India Value Fund-Reg(G)

L&T India Value Fund-Reg(D)

L&T ST Income Fund-Reg(G)

L&T ST Income Fund-Reg(D)

L&T Low Duration Fund-Reg(G)

L&T Low Duration Fund-Reg(DD)

L&T Low Duration Fund-Reg(MD)

L&T Low Duration Fund-Reg(WD)

L&T Short Term Opportunities Fund-Reg(G)

L&T Short Term Opportunities Fund-Reg(D)

L&T Short Term Opportunities Fund-Reg(QD)

L&T MIP-Reg(G)



L&T Triple Ace Bond Fund-Reg(G)

L&T Ultra Short Term Fund(G)

L&T Ultra Short Term Fund(MD)

L&T Ultra Short Term Fund(DD)

L&T Ultra Short Term Fund(WD)

L&T Liquid Fund(DD)

L&T Liquid Fund(G)

L&T FRF-Reg(G)




L&T Cash Fund-Reg(DD)

L&T Cash Fund-Reg(G)

L&T Cash Fund-Reg(MD)

L&T Cash Fund-Reg(WD)

L&T Flexi Bond Fund-Reg(MD)

L&T Flexi Bond Fund-Reg(G)

L&T Income Opportunities Fund(G)

L&T Income Opportunities Fund(D)

L&T Dynamic Equity Fund-Reg(G)

L&T Dynamic Equity Fund-Reg(D)

L&T Emerging Businesses Fund-Reg(G)

L&T Emerging Businesses Fund-Reg(D)

L&T Arbitrage Opp Fund-Reg(G)

L&T Business Cycle Fund-Reg(G)

L&T Arbitrage Opp Fund-Reg(MP)

L&T Arbitrage Opp Fund-Reg(QD)

L&T Business Cycle Fund-Reg(DP)

L&T Resurgent India Corp Bond Fund-Reg(G)

L&T Resurgent India Corp Bond Fund-Reg(D)

L&T India Prudence Fund-Reg(AD)

L&T Income Opportunities Fund-Reg(AD)

LIC NOMURA Mutual Fund Asset Management Company Ltd.

LIC MF Growth Fund(G)

LIC MF Growth Fund(D)

LIC MF Bond(D)

LIC MF Bond(G)

LIC MF G-Sec-Reg(D)

LIC MF G-Sec-Reg(G)



LIC MF Index Fund-Nifty Plan(D)

LIC MF Index Fund-Nifty Plan(G)

LIC MF Liquid(D)

LIC MF Liquid(G)





LIC MF Tax Plan(D)

LIC MF Tax Plan(G)

LIC MF Infra Fund(G)

LIC MF Infra Fund(D)

LIC MF Equity Fund(D)

LIC MF Equity Fund(G)

LIC MF Index Fund-Sensex plan(D)

LIC MF Index Fund-Sensex plan(G)

LIC MF Income Plus(DD)

LIC MF Income Plus(G)

LIC MF Income Plus(MD)

LIC MF Income Plus(WD)

LIC MF Balanced Fund(D)

LIC MF Balanced Fund(G)

LIC MF Children(G)

LIC MF Savings Plus(MD)

LIC MF Savings Plus(G)

LIC MF Savings Plus(WD)

LIC MF Savings Plus(DD)

Mirae Asset Global Investments (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Mirae Asset Emerging BlueChip-Reg(G)

Mirae Asset Emerging BlueChip-Reg(D)

Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund-Reg(G)

Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund-Reg(D)

Mirae Asset Great Consumer Fund(G)

Mirae Asset Great Consumer Fund(D)

Mirae Asset Cash Management-Reg(G)

Mirae Asset Cash Management-Reg(DD)

Mirae Asset Cash Management-Reg(WD)

Mirae Asset Ultra ST Bond Fund-Savings Plan(G)

Mirae Asset Ultra ST Bond Fund-Savings Plan(DD)

Mirae Asset Ultra ST Bond Fund-Savings Plan(WD)

Mirae Asset Ultra ST Bond Fund-Savings Plan(MD)

Mirae Asset China Advantage-Reg(G)

Mirae Asset China Advantage-Reg(D)

Mirae Asset Ultra ST Bond Fund-Savings Plan(QD)

Mirae Asset Prudence Fund-Reg(G)

Mirae Asset Prudence Fund-Reg(D)

Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund-Reg(G)

Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund-Reg(D)

Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company Ltd.

MOSt Focused 25 Fund-Reg(G)

MOSt Focused 25 Fund-Reg(D)

MOSt Ultra ST Bond Fund(G)

MOSt Focused Midcap 30 Fund-Reg(G)

MOSt Ultra ST Bond Fund(DD)

MOSt Ultra ST Bond Fund(FD)

MOSt Ultra ST Bond Fund(MD)

MOSt Ultra ST Bond Fund(QD)

MOSt Ultra ST Bond Fund(WD)

MOSt Focused Midcap 30 Fund-Reg(D)

MOSt Focused Multicap 35 Fund-Reg(G)

MOSt Focused Multicap 35 Fund-Reg(D)

MOSt Focused Long Term Fund-Reg(G)

MOSt Focused Long Term Fund-Reg(D)

Peerless Funds Management Co. Ltd.

Peerless Short Term Fund-Reg(G)

Peerless Short Term Fund-Reg(QD)

Peerless Income Plus Fund-Reg(G)

Peerless Income Plus Fund-Reg(MD)

Peerless Income Plus Fund-Reg(QD)

Peerless Short Term Fund-Reg(MD)

Peerless Liquid Fund-Reg(G)

Peerless Ultra Short Term Fund-Reg(G)

Peerless Liquid Fund-Reg(DD)

Peerless Liquid Fund-Reg(MD)

Peerless Ultra Short Term Fund-Reg(DD)

Peerless Ultra Short Term Fund-Reg(WD)

Peerless Ultra Short Term Fund-Reg(MD)

Peerless Liquid Fund-Reg(WD)

Peerless 3 in 1 Fund(G)

Peerless 3 in 1 Fund(MD)

Peerless 3 in 1 Fund(QD)

Peerless Equity Fund-(G)

Peerless Equity Fund-(D)

Peerless Flexible Income Fund(MD)

Peerless Midcap Fund-Reg(G)

Peerless Long Term Advantage Fund-Reg(G)

Peerless Midcap Fund-Reg(D)

Peerless Long Term Advantage Fund-Reg(D)

Principal PNB Asset Management Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Principal Retail Money Mgr(G)

Principal Retail Money Mgr(MD)

Principal Balanced Fund(HD)

Principal Balanced Fund(G)

Principal Cash Management Fund(DD)

Principal Cash Management Fund(G)

Principal Cash Management Fund(MD)

Principal Cash Management Fund(WD)

Principal Low Duration Fund(G)

Principal Low Duration Fund(MD)

Principal Low Duration Fund(WD)

Principal Growth Fund(G)

Principal Large Cap Fund(HD)

Principal Large Cap Fund(G)

Principal Debt Savings Fund(G)

Principal Debt Savings Fund (MD)

Principal Debt Savings Fund(QD)

Principal Bank CD(G)

Principal Emerging Bluechip Fund(G)

Principal Emerging Bluechip Fund(HD)

Principal Emerging Bluechip Fund(HDS)

Principal Govt Sec Fund(G)

Principal Dynamic Bond Fund(G)

Principal ST Income Fund(G)

Principal Index Fund-Nifty(D)

Principal Index Fund-Nifty(G)

Principal Personal Tax saver Fund

Principal Dividend Yield Fund(G)

Principal Credit Opp Fund(G)

Principal Global Opportunities Fund(G)

Principal Smart Equity Fund(G)

Principal Smart Equity Fund(HD)

Principal Index Fund-Midcap-Reg(G)

Principal Asset Alloc FOF Scheme-Cons(G)

Principal Asset Alloc FOF Scheme-Mod(G)

Principal Asset Alloc FOF Scheme-Aggr(G)

Principal Index Fund-Midcap-Reg(D)

Principal Arbitrage Fund(G)

Principal Arbitrage Fund(D)

Quantum Asset Management Company Private Ltd.

Quantum LT Equity Fund(G)

Quantum Equity FoF Fund(G)

Quantum Equity FoF Fund(D)

Quantum Tax Saving Fund(G)

Quantum Tax Saving Fund(D)

Quantum Liquid Fund(DD)

Quantum Liquid Fund(G)

Quantum Liquid Fund(MD)

Quantum Gold Saving Fund(G)

Quantum Multi Asset Fund(G)

Quantum Dynamic Bond Fund-(G)

Quantum Dynamic Bond Fund-(MD)

Reliance Capital Asset Management Ltd.

Reliance Banking Fund(D)

Reliance Banking Fund(G)

Reliance Top 200 Fund(D)

Reliance Top 200 Fund(G)

Reliance Reg Savings Fund-Debt Plan(G)

Reliance Tax Saver (ELSS) Fund(D)

Reliance Tax Saver (ELSS) Fund(G)

Reliance Focused Large Cap Fund(D)

Reliance Focused Large Cap Fund(G)

Reliance Liquidity(DD)

Reliance Liquidity(G)

Reliance Liquidity(MD)

Reliance Liquidity(WD)

Reliance MIP(G)

Reliance MIP(MD)

Reliance MIP(QD)

Reliance Reg Savings Fund-Balanced Plan(G)

Reliance Reg Savings Fund-Balanced Plan(D)

Reliance Liquidity(QD)

Reliance Small Cap Fund(G)

Reliance Small Cap Fund(D)

Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund(G)

Reliance Growth Fund(D)

Reliance Growth Fund(G)

Reliance Mid & Small Cap Fund(D)

Reliance Mid & Small Cap Fund(G)

Reliance Dynamic Bond(D)

Reliance Dynamic Bond(G)

Reliance STF(MD)

Reliance STF(G)

Reliance STF(QD)

Reliance Vision Fund(D)

Reliance Vision Fund(G)

Reliance Index Fund – Nifty Plan(G)

Reliance Index Fund – Nifty Plan(QD)

Reliance Index Fund – Nifty Plan(HD)

Reliance Index Fund – Nifty Plan(AD)

Reliance Arbitrage Advantage Fund(G)

Reliance Arbitrage Advantage Fund(D)

Reliance Income(AD)

Reliance Income(G)

Reliance Income(HD)

Reliance Income(MD)

Reliance Income(QD)

Reliance Liquid-Cash(DD)

Reliance Liquid-Cash(WD)

Reliance Reg Savings Fund-Equity Plan(G)

Reliance Reg Savings Fund-Equity Plan(D)

Reliance Liquid-Cash(MD)

Reliance Diver Power Sector Fund(D)

Reliance Diver Power Sector Fund(G)

Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund(D)

Reliance FRF ST(MD)

Reliance FRF ST(DD)

Reliance FRF ST(WD)

Reliance FRF ST(G)

Reliance Money Manager Fund(DD)

Reliance Money Manager Fund(G)

Reliance Money Manager Fund(MD)

Reliance Money Manager Fund(WD)

Reliance Liquid-Treasury Plan(DD)

Reliance Liquid-Treasury Plan(G)

Reliance Liquid-Treasury Plan(MD)

Reliance Liquid-Treasury Plan(WD)

Reliance Media & Entertainment Fund(D)

Reliance Media & Entertainment Fund(G)

Reliance Medium Term(G)

Reliance Medium Term(MD)

Reliance Medium Term(QD)

Reliance Pharma Fund(D)

Reliance Pharma Fund(G)

Reliance ELSS Fund-I(G)

Reliance ELSS Fund-I(D)

Reliance Quant Plus Fund(G)

Reliance Quant Plus Fund(D)

Reliance Medium Term(DD)

Reliance Medium Term(WD)

Reliance Gilt Securities Fund(G)

Reliance Gilt Securities Fund(MD)

Reliance Reg Savings Fund-Debt Plan(QD)

Reliance Index Fund – Sensex Plan(G)

Reliance Index Fund – Sensex Plan(QD)

Reliance Index Fund – Sensex Plan(HD)

Reliance Index Fund – Sensex Plan(AD)

Reliance Banking & PSU Debt Fund(G)

Reliance Banking & PSU Debt Fund(D)

Reliance Banking & PSU Debt Fund(WD)

Reliance Banking & PSU Debt Fund(MD)

Reliance Banking & PSU Debt Fund(QD)

Reliance Gold Savings Fund(G)

Reliance Gold Savings Fund(D)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-VI-C-1113D-(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-VI-C-1113D-(D)

Reliance Retirement Fund-Wealth Creation(G)

Reliance Retirement Fund-Wealth Creation(D)

Reliance Retirement Fund-Income Generation(G)

Reliance Retirement Fund-Income Generation(D)

Reliance US Equity Opp Fund(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-III-C(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-III-C(D)

Reliance Corporate Bond Fund-(G)

Reliance Corporate Bond Fund-(D)

Reliance Corporate Bond Fund-(QD)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-VI-B-1108D-(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-III-D(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-III-D(D)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-IV-A(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-IV-A(D)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-IV-B(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-IV-B(D)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-IV-C(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-IV-C(D)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-IV-D(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-IV-D(D)

Reliance Japan Equity Fund-(G)

Reliance Close Ended Equity Fund-A(G)

Reliance Close Ended Equity Fund-A(D)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-V-A-(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-IV-E(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-IV-E(D)

Reliance Close Ended Equity Fund-B(G)

Reliance Close Ended Equity Fund-B(D)

Reliance Close Ended Equity Fund-II-A(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-V-A-(D)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-V-B-(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-V-B-(D)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-V-F-(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-V-F-(D)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-V-G-(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-V-G-(D)

Reliance Close Ended Equity Fund-II-A(D)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-VI-A-1094D-(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-V-H-1091D-(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-V-H-1091D-(D)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-VI-A-1094D-(D)

Reliance Japan Equity Fund-(D)

Reliance Capital Builder Fund-B(G)

Reliance Capital Builder Fund-B(D)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-VI-B-1108D-(D)

Reliance Capital Builder Fund-II-B(G)

Reliance Capital Builder Fund-II-C(G)

Reliance Capital Builder Fund-C(G)

Reliance Capital Builder Fund-C(D)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-VI-D-1113D-(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-VI-D-1113D-(D)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-VI-E-1107D-(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-VI-E-1107D-(D)

Reliance Equity Savings Fund(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-IX-A-1227D-(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-VI-F-1103D-(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-VI-F-1103D-(D)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-VII-A-1123D-(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-VII-A-1123D-(D)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-VII-B-1102D-(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-VII-B-1102D-(D)

Reliance Capital Builder Fund-II-B(D)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-VII-C-1103D-(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-VII-C-1103D-(D)

Reliance Capital Builder Fund-III-A(G)

Reliance Capital Builder Fund-II-C(D)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-VII-D-1103D-(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-VII-D-1103D-(D)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-VII-E-1102D-(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-VII-E-1102D-(D)

Reliance Equity Savings Fund(D)

Reliance Equity Savings Fund(B)

Reliance Equity Savings Fund(MD)

Reliance Equity Savings Fund(QD)

Reliance Capital Builder Fund-III-A(D)

Reliance US Equity Opp Fund(D)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-VIII-A-1101D-(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-VIII-A-1101D-(D)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-VIII-B-1099D-(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-VIII-B-1099D-(D)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-VIII-C-1101D-(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-VIII-C-1101D-(D)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-IX-A-1227D-(D)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-IX-B-1201D-(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-IX-B-1201D-(D)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-IX-C-1161D-(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-IX-C-1161D-(D)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-IX-D-1292D-(G)

Reliance Dual Adv FTF-IX-D-1292D-(D)

SBI Funds Management Private Ltd.

SBI BlueChip Fund-Reg(D)

SBI BlueChip Fund-Reg(G)

SBI Magnum Gilt-STP(D)

SBI Magnum Gilt-STP(G)

SBI Magnum MIP-Floater Plan(AD)

SBI Magnum MIP-Floater Plan(MD)

SBI Magnum MIP-Floater Plan(QD)

SBI Magnum MIP-Floater Plan(G)

SBI Magnum Balanced Fund-Reg(D)

SBI Magnum Balanced Fund-Reg(G)

SBI Magnum Children Benefit Plan

SBI Magnum Equity Fund-Reg(D)

SBI Magnum Equity Fund-Reg(G)

SBI Magnum Gilt-LTP-Reg(D)

SBI Magnum Gilt-LTP-Reg(G)

SBI Magnum Global Fund 94-Reg(D)

SBI Magnum Global Fund 94-Reg(G)

SBI Magnum InstaCash-Cash(DD)

SBI Magnum InstaCash-Cash(WD)

SBI Magnum InstaCash-Cash(G)

SBI Magnum MidCap Fund-Reg(D)

SBI Magnum MidCap Fund-Reg(G)

SBI Magnum Multicap Fund-Reg(D)

SBI Magnum Multicap Fund-Reg(G)

SBI Magnum Multiplier Fund-Reg(D)

SBI Magnum Multiplier Fund-Reg(G)

SBI Arbitrage Opportunities Fund-Reg(D)

SBI Arbitrage Opportunities Fund-Reg(G)

SBI Infrastructure Fund-Reg(D)

SBI Infrastructure Fund-Reg(G)

SBI Corporate Bond Fund-Reg(D)

SBI Corporate Bond Fund-Reg(G)

SBI Regular Savings Fund(D)

SBI Regular Savings Fund(G)

SBI Magnum MIP(AD)

SBI Magnum MIP(MD)

SBI Magnum MIP(QD)

SBI Magnum MIP(G)

SBI IT Fund-Reg(D)

SBI Magnum TaxGain’93-Reg(D)

SBI Magnum TaxGain’93-Reg(G)

SBI Emerging Businesses Fund-Reg(D)

SBI Emerging Businesses Fund-Reg(G)

SBI Ultra Short Term Debt Fund(DD)

SBI Ultra Short Term Debt Fund(FD)

SBI Ultra Short Term Debt Fund(G)

SBI Ultra Short Term Debt Fund(MD)

SBI Ultra Short Term Debt Fund(WD)

SBI IT Fund-Reg(G)

SBI Magnum Income(HD)

SBI Savings Fund-Reg(D)

SBI Savings Fund-Reg(G)

SBI Savings Fund-Reg(WD)

SBI Magnum Income(G)

SBI Dynamic Bond(D)

SBI Dynamic Bond(G)

SBI Contra Fund-Reg(D)

SBI Contra Fund-Reg(G)

SBI Treasury Advantage Fund-Reg(G)

SBI Treasury Advantage Fund-Reg(DD)

SBI Nifty Index Fund-Reg(D)

SBI Nifty Index Fund-Reg(G)

SBI Magnum Comma Fund-Reg(D)

SBI Magnum Comma Fund-Reg(G)

SBI Magnum InstaCash-Liquid Floater(D)

SBI Magnum InstaCash-Liquid Floater(G)

SBI FMCG Fund-Reg(D)

SBI Pharma Fund-Reg(D)

SBI Pharma Fund-Reg(G)

SBI Premier Liquid Fund(DD)

SBI Premier Liquid Fund(FD)

SBI Premier Liquid Fund(G)

SBI Premier Liquid Fund(WD)

SBI Short Term Debt Fund(FD)

SBI Short Term Debt Fund(G)

SBI Short Term Debt Fund(MD)

SBI Short Term Debt Fund(WD)

SBI PSU Fund-Reg(G)

SBI PSU Fund-Reg(D)

SBI Magnum InstaCash-Liquid Floater(DD)

SBI Gold-Reg(G)

SBI Gold-Reg(D)

SBI FMCG Fund-Reg(G)

SBI Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund-Reg(G)

SBI Equity Opp Fund-Sr I-Reg(G)

SBI Banking & Financial Services Fund-Reg(G)

SBI LT Advantage Fund-I-Reg(G)

SBI LT Advantage Fund-II-Reg(G)

SBI Equity Opp Fund-Sr I-Reg(D)



SBI Equity Opp Fund-Sr II-Reg(G)

SBI Equity Opp Fund-Sr II-Reg(D)



SBI LT Advantage Fund-II-Reg(D)



SBI Banking & Financial Services Fund-Reg(DP)

SBI Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund-Reg(D)



SBI Equity Savings Fund(G)

SBI Equity Savings Fund(MD)

SBI Equity Savings Fund(QD)

SBI Equity Opp Fund-Sr IV-Reg(G)

SBI Equity Opp Fund-Sr IV-Reg(D)

SBI LT Advantage Fund-III-Reg(G)

SBI LT Advantage Fund-III-Reg(D)

Sundaram Asset Management Company Ltd

Sundaram S.M.I.L.E Fund(D)

Sundaram S.M.I.L.E Fund(G)

Sundaram Select Debt-STAP(MD)

Sundaram Select Debt-STAP(FD)

Sundaram Select Debt-STAP(G)

Sundaram Select Focus(D)

Sundaram Select Focus(G)

Sundaram Tax Saver(D)

Sundaram Tax Saver(G)

Sundaram-Select Thematic Funds-Fin Serv Opp(G)

Sundaram-Select Thematic Funds-Fin Serv Opp(D)

Sundaram Balanced Fund(D)

Sundaram Balanced Fund(G)

Sundaram Bond Saver(AD)

Sundaram Bond Saver(G)

Sundaram Bond Saver(HD)

Sundaram Growth Fund(D)

Sundaram Growth Fund(G)

Sundaram Income Plus(G)

Sundaram Income Plus(D)

Sundaram MIP-Mod Plan(G)

Sundaram MIP-Mod Plan(MD)

Sundaram MIP-Mod Plan(QD)

Sundaram MIP-Mod Plan(HD)

Sundaram Infra Advantage Fund(G)

Sundaram Flexible-FIP(HD)

Sundaram Flexible-FIP(MD)

Sundaram Flexible-FIP(G)

Sundaram Flexible-FIP(AD)

Sundaram Flexible-FIP(QD)

Sundaram Flexible-STP(G)

Sundaram Flexible-STP(MD)

Sundaram Gilt Fund(G)

Sundaram Gilt Fund(D)

Sundaram Global Advt(D)

Sundaram Global Advt(G)

Sundaram Ultra Short Term Fund-Reg(WD)

Sundaram Ultra Short Term Fund-Reg(DD)

Sundaram Ultra Short Term Fund-Reg(FD)

Sundaram Ultra Short Term Fund-Reg(MD)

Sundaram Ultra Short Term Fund-Reg(G)

Sundaram Money Fund-Reg(MD)

Sundaram Money Fund-Reg(DD)

Sundaram Money Fund-Reg(WD)

Sundaram Money Fund-Reg(G)

Sundaram Rural India Fund(D)

Sundaram Rural India Fund(G)

Sundaram Select Midcap(D)

Sundaram Select Midcap(G)

Sundaram-Select Thematic Funds-Enter Opp(G)

Sundaram-Select Thematic Funds-Enter Opp(D)

Sundaram-Select Thematic Funds-PSU Opp(G)

Sundaram-Select Thematic Funds-PSU Opp(D)

Sundaram Equity Plus(G)

Sundaram Equity Plus(DP)

Sundaram Equity Plus(DR)

Sundaram Select Micro Cap-Series IV-Reg(G)

Sundaram Select Micro Cap-Series IV-Reg(D)

Sundaram CPO-5Yrs-S4(G)

Sundaram CPO-5Yrs-S4(D)

Sundaram Select Micro Cap-Series II-Reg(G)

Sundaram Select Small Cap Series-III-Reg(G)

Sundaram Select Micro Cap-Series II-Reg(D)

Sundaram Select Micro Cap-Series III-Reg(G)

Sundaram Select Micro Cap-Series III-Reg(D)

Sundaram World Brand Fund-Sr I-Reg(G)

Sundaram Infra Advantage Fund(D)

Sundaram Select Micro Cap-Series V-Reg(G)

Sundaram Select Small Cap Series-II-Reg(G)

Sundaram TOP 100-Sr I-Reg(G)

Sundaram TOP 100-Sr I-Reg(D)

Sundaram TOP 100-Sr II-Reg(G)

Sundaram TOP 100-Sr II-Reg(D)

Sundaram TOP 100-Sr III-Reg(G)

Sundaram TOP 100-Sr III-Reg(D)

Sundaram TOP 100-Sr IV-Reg(G)

Sundaram TOP 100-Sr V-Reg(G)

Sundaram Select Micro Cap-Series V-Reg(D)

Sundaram LT Tax Adv Fund-Sr I-Reg(G)

Sundaram LT Tax Adv Fund-Sr II-Reg(G)

Sundaram Select Micro Cap-Series VI-Reg(G)

Sundaram Select Micro Cap-Series VI-Reg(D)

Sundaram Banking & PSU Debt Fund-Reg(G)

Sundaram Select Micro Cap-Series VII-Reg(G)

Sundaram Select Micro Cap-Series VII-Reg(D)

Sundaram Select Small Cap Series-II-Reg(D)

Sundaram World Brand Fund-Sr I-Reg(D)

Sundaram World Brand Fund-Sr II-Reg(G)

Sundaram World Brand Fund-Sr II-Reg(D)

Sundaram Select Small Cap Series-IV-Reg(G)

Sundaram World Brand Fund-Sr III-Reg(G)

Sundaram World Brand Fund-Sr III-Reg(D)

Sundaram Select Micro Cap-Series VIII-Reg(G)

Sundaram TOP 100-Sr IV-Reg(D)

Sundaram LT Tax Adv Fund-Sr I-Reg(DP)

Sundaram Value Fund-II-Reg(G)

Sundaram Value Fund-II-Reg(D)

Sundaram TOP 100-Sr V-Reg(D)

Sundaram Select Small Cap Series-III-Reg(D)

Sundaram Banking & PSU Debt Fund-Reg(WD)

Sundaram Banking & PSU Debt Fund-Reg(MD)

Sundaram Banking & PSU Debt Fund-Reg(QD)

Sundaram Select Small Cap Series-IV-Reg(D)

Sundaram Banking & PSU Debt Fund-Reg(DD)

Sundaram Value Fund-III-Reg(G)

Sundaram Hybrid Fund-Sr O-Reg(G)

Sundaram CPO-5Yrs-S7(G)

Sundaram CPO-5Yrs-S8(G)

Sundaram Select Micro Cap-Series VIII-Reg(D)

Sundaram Select Micro Cap-Series IX-Reg(G)

Sundaram Select Micro Cap-Series IX-Reg(D)

Sundaram LT Tax Adv Fund-Sr II-Reg(D)

Sundaram Select Micro Cap-Series X-Reg(G)

Sundaram Select Micro Cap-Series X-Reg(D)

Sundaram Value Fund-III-Reg(D)

Sundaram CPO-5Yrs-S7(D)

Sundaram Hybrid Fund-Sr O-Reg(HD)

Sundaram Hybrid Fund-Sr O-Reg(YD)

Sundaram CPO-5Yrs-S8(D)

Tata Asset Management Ltd

Tata Gilt Mid Term Fund(G)

Tata Gilt Mid Term Fund(QD)

Tata Balanced Fund(D)

Tata Balanced Fund(G)

Tata Dynamic Bond Fund-Plan A(G)

Tata Dynamic Bond Fund-Plan A(D)

Tata Large Cap Fund(D)

Tata Large Cap Fund(G)

Tata India Tax Savings Fund-Reg(DP)

Tata Balanced Fund(MD)

Tata Dividend Yield Fund(G)

Tata Dividend Yield Fund(D)

Tata Floater(DD)

Tata Floater(G)

Tata Floater(WD)

Tata Gilt Securities Fund-A(G)

Tata Gilt Securities Fund-A(D)

Tata Mid Cap Growth Fund(D)

Tata Mid Cap Growth Fund(G)

Tata Income Fund(D)

Tata Income Fund(G)

Tata Income Fund(QD)

Tata Income Fund(HD)

Tata Income Plus Fund – Plan A(G)

Tata Income Plus Fund – Plan A(D)

Tata Infrastructure Fund(D)

Tata Infrastructure Fund(G)

Tata Young Citizen Fund

Tata Equity P/E Fund(Div Trig Opt B-10%)

Tata Equity P/E Fund(G)

Tata Gilt SMF(G)

Tata Gilt SMF(D)

Tata Index Fund-Nifty Plan(G)

Tata ST Bond(G)

Tata ST Bond(FD)

Tata Equity P/E Fund(Div Trig Opt A-5%)

Tata Index Fund-Sensex Plan(G)

Tata Equity Opportunities Fund(D)

Tata Equity Opportunities Fund(G)

Tata Money Market Fund- A(DD)

Tata Money Market Fund- A(G)

Tata Liquid Fund – Plan A(DD)

Tata Liquid Fund – Plan A(MD)

Tata Liquid Fund – Plan A(WD)

Tata Liquid Fund – Plan A(G)

Tata Regular Saving Equity Fund-Reg(G)

Tata Regular Saving Equity Fund-Reg(MD)

Tata Regular Saving Equity Fund-Reg(QD)

Tata Ethical Fund(D)

Tata Ethical Fund(G)

Tata Treasury Manager Fund – Plan A(DD)

Tata Treasury Manager Fund – Plan A(MD)

Tata Treasury Manager Fund – Plan A(WD)

Tata Retirement Sav Fund – Cons Plan(G)

Tata Retirement Sav Fund – Mod Plan(G)

Tata Retirement Sav Fund – Prog Plan(G)

Tata Dual Advantage Fund-3-A(G)

Tata India Tax Savings Fund-Reg(G)

Tata Dual Advantage Fund-2-B(G)

Tata Dual Advantage Fund-2-B(D)

Tata Dual Advantage Fund-2-C(G)

Tata Dual Advantage Fund-2-C(D)

Tata ST Bond(PD)

Tata Dual Advantage Fund-3-A(D)

Tata Banking & Financial Services Fund-Reg(G)

Tata Digital India Fund-Reg(G)

Tata India Consumer Fund-Reg(G)

Tata India Pharma & Healthcare Fund-Reg(G)

Tata Resources & Energy Fund-Reg(G)

Tata Banking & Financial Services Fund-Reg(DR)

Tata Digital India Fund-Reg(DR)

Tata India Consumer Fund-Reg(DR)

Tata India Pharma & Healthcare Fund-Reg(DR)

Tata Resources & Energy Fund-Reg(DR)

Religare Asset Management Company Private Ltd.

Invesco India Contra Fund(D)

Invesco India Contra Fund(G)

Invesco India Dynamic Equity Fund(D)

Invesco India Dynamic Equity Fund(G)

Invesco India Growth Fund(D)

Invesco India Growth Fund(G)

Invesco India Infrastructure Fund(D)

Invesco India Infrastructure Fund(G)

Invesco India Tax Plan(D)

Invesco India Tax Plan(G)

Invesco India Business Leaders Fund(G)

Invesco India Medium Term Bond Fund(G)

Invesco India Medium Term Bond Fund(MD)

Invesco India Medium Term Bond Fund(QD)

Invesco India Medium Term Bond Fund(AD)

Invesco India Mid Cap Fund(D)

Invesco India Mid Cap Fund(G)

Invesco India Short Term Fund(G)

Invesco India Short Term Fund(MD)

Invesco India Short Term Fund(WD)

Invesco India Mid N Small Cap Fund(G)

Invesco India Mid N Small Cap Fund(D)

Invesco India Banking Fund-Ret(G)

Invesco India Banking Fund-Ret(D)

Invesco India Arbitrage Fund(D)

Invesco India Arbitrage Fund(G)

Invesco India Active Income Fund(AD)

Invesco India Active Income Fund(G)

Invesco India Active Income Fund(MD)

Invesco India Active Income Fund(QD)

Invesco India Gilt Fund – Long Duration Plan(G)

Invesco India Gilt Fund – Long Duration Plan(MD)

Invesco India Gilt Fund – Long Duration Plan(QD)

Invesco India Gilt Fund – Long Duration Plan(AD)

Invesco India Liquid Fund(DD)

Invesco India Liquid Fund(G)

Invesco India Liquid Fund(MD)

Invesco India Liquid Fund(WD)

Invesco India Ultra ST Fund(DD)

Invesco India Ultra ST Fund(G)

Invesco India Ultra ST Fund(MD)

Invesco India Ultra ST Fund(WD)

Invesco India Credit Opportunities Fund(G)

Invesco India Credit Opportunities Fund(MD)

Invesco India PSU Equity Fund(G)

Invesco India PSU Equity Fund(D)

Invesco India MIP Plus(G)

Invesco India MIP Plus(D)

Invesco India Gold Fund(G)

Invesco India Gold Fund(D)

Invesco India Credit Opportunities Fund(DD)

Invesco India Bank Debt Fund(G)

Invesco India Bank Debt Fund(DD)

Invesco India Bank Debt Fund(MD)

Invesco India Corp Bond Opp Fund(G)

Invesco India Corp Bond Opp Fund(D)

Invesco India Global Equity Income Fund(G)

Invesco India Pan Eur Eq Fund-Reg(G)

Invesco India Pan Eur Eq Fund-Reg(D)

Invesco India Global Equity Income Fund(D)

Invesco India Corp Bond Opp Fund(MD)

UTI Asset Management Company Ltd

UTI Treasury Advantage Fund(G)

UTI Mid Cap Fund(G)

UTI Mid Cap Fund(D)

UTI MIS Adv Plan(FD)

UTI MIS Adv Plan(G)

UTI MIS Adv Plan(MD)

UTI MIS Adv Plan(MP)

UTI Dynamic Bond Fund-Reg(G)

UTI Dynamic Bond Fund-Reg(D)

UTI Equity Fund(D)

UTI Equity Fund(G)

UTI Gilt Adv-LTP(D)

UTI Gilt Adv-LTP(G)



UTI Bluechip Flexicap Fund(D)

UTI Bluechip Flexicap Fund(G)

UTI Mastershare(G)

UTI Mastershare(D)



UTI Opportunities Fund(D)

UTI Opportunities Fund(G)

UTI Balanced Fund(G)

UTI Balanced Fund(D)

UTI Banking Sector Fund(G)

UTI Banking Sector Fund(D)

UTI Bond Fund(G)

UTI Bond Fund(D)

UTI CCP Advantage Fund(G)

UTI CCP Advantage Fund(D)

UTI LT Equity Fund (Tax Saving)(G)

UTI LT Equity Fund (Tax Saving)(D)

UTI Infrastructure Fund(G)

UTI Infrastructure Fund(D)

UTI Mahila Unit(G)

UTI Nifty Index Fund(G)

UTI Nifty Index Fund(D)

UTI Retirement Benefit Pension



UTI Dividend Yield Fund(G)

UTI Dividend Yield Fund(D)

UTI Transportation & Logistics Fund(G)

UTI Transportation & Logistics Fund(D)

UTI CC Balanced Plan



UTI India LifeStyle Fund(D)

UTI India LifeStyle Fund(G)

UTI Liquid-Cash Plan(G)

UTI Liquid-Cash Plan(DD)

UTI Liquid-Cash Plan(MD)

UTI Liquid-Cash Plan(WD)

UTI Treasury Advantage Fund(DD)

UTI Treasury Advantage Fund(MD)

UTI Treasury Advantage Fund(WD)

UTI LT Adv Fund-I(D)



UTI Pharma & Healthcare Fund(G)

UTI Pharma & Healthcare Fund(D)

UTI ST Income Fund(QD)

UTI ST Income Fund(G)


UTI LT Adv Fund-II(D)


UTI Wealth Builder Fund(G)

UTI Wealth Builder Fund(D)

UTI Money Market Fund(G)

UTI Money Market Fund(DD)

UTI Money Market Fund(WD)

UTI Income Opp Fund(G)

UTI Income Opp Fund(D)

UTI Top 100 Fund(G)

UTI Top 100 Fund(D)

UTI Banking & PSU Debt Fund-Reg(G)

UTI Multi Cap Fund(G)

UTI Banking & PSU Debt Fund-Reg(D)

UTI CPO-IV-I(1103D)(G)

UTI CPO-IV-I(1103D)(D)

UTI Focussed Equity Fund-I(G)

UTI Focussed Equity Fund-I(D)

UTI Multi Cap Fund(D)



UTI Dual Adv FTF-I-I(G)



UTI CPO-V-I(1163D)(G)

UTI Focussed Equity Fund-II(G)

TI Focussed Equity Fund-II(D)

UTI Medium Term Fund-Reg(G)

UTI Dual Adv FTF-I-I(D)

UTI CPO-V-I(1163D)(D)

UTI CPO-VI-I(1098D)(G)

UTI Dual Adv FTF-I-II(G)

UTI Dual Adv FTF-I-II(D)

UTI CPO-V-II(1135D)(G)

UTI CPO-V-II(1135D)(D)

UTI Dual Adv FTF-I-IV(G)

UTI Dual Adv FTF-I-IV(D)

UTI Medium Term Fund-Reg(QD)

UTI Medium Term Fund-Reg(AD)

UTI Dual Adv FTF-I-V(G)

UTI Dual Adv FTF-I-V(D)

UTI Dual Adv FTF-II-I(G)

UTI CPO-VI-I(1098D)(D)

UTI Dual Adv FTF-II-I(D)










UTI LT Adv Fund-III(G)




UTI LT Adv Fund-III(D)











Mutual Fund Companies in India

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