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Equity Market


Balanced Funds

Bonus Shares vs. Stock Split

Bonus Shares vs. Stock Split

Buyback of Shares

Cyclical Stocks

Capital Gains and Indexation

Contra Fund Investing

Differential Voting Rights (DVR)

Exchange Traded Funds

Hedge Fund Vs Mutual Fund

How to calculate the Sensex

Index Funds

Large Cap, Mid Cap and Small Cap Fund

Mutual Funds

Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme

Real Estate Investment Trusts

Systematic Investment Plan


Why Are Bonus Shares Issued

International Finance

American Depository Receipts


Carry Trade

Credit Defa fault Swaps

Currency Hedging

Euro Crisis

Exchange Rate and Exports

External Commercial Borrowing

Fed Tapering

Greece story


Nominal Exchange Rate and Real Exchange Rate

Outright Monetary Transaction

Quantitative Easing

Sovereign Rating of a country

Speculative Attacks


US debt ceiling crisis

Why Jobs are Lost

Why the dollar continues to gain value


Call Option

Commodity Hedging

Currency Derivatives

Derivative Market

Derivatives vs. Cash

Future Contract

Margin Money in Derivatives

Option in the Real Market(Put Otion)

Option in the Real Market


Debt Market

Bond Landdering

Bond Prices and Yields

Call Money

Certificates of Deposits

Commercial Paper

Credit Spreads

Duration Management

Equity Linked Debentures

How do Interest Rates Work

Inverted Yield curve

Long Term Debt Funds

Modified Duration

Open Market Operations

Pass Through Certificates

Significance of Yield in Bond Market

Unraveling Yield Curve

Zero Coupon Bonds

Financial Ratio

Debt Equity Ratio

Debt Service Ratio

Dividend Yield Ratio

Earnings per Shares

Equated Monthly Installments

Liquidity Ratio

PE Ratio

PEG Ratio

Price to Book Ratio

Saving Ratio

Sharpe Ratio

Treynor Ratio

Financial Analysis

Asset Allocation

Base Effect


Bottom-line and Top-line Growth


Currency Wars

Dividends Distribution Surplus


Mark-to-Market Accounting


Net Present Value of Money


Organic Growth and Inorganic Growth

Price Discovery in the Stock Market

Return on Capital Employed

Return on Net Worth

Sweat Equity

Time Value of Money

Top Down and Bottom Up

Volatility Index

Macro Economics


Balance of Payments


Call Money

Capital Account Convertibility

Cash Reserve Ratio

Cheque Truncation System (CTS)


Crowding Out

Current Account Deficit


Demographic Dividend

Devaluation, Beggar Thy Neighbor and Currency War

External stimulus

fa fall of the Indian Rupee

Fiscal _ Revenue Deficits

>Fiscal Consolidation

Fiscal Deficit

Fiscal Stimulus

Fiscal, Revenue _ Trade

Four Monetary Terms (Part 1)

Four Monetary Terms (Part 2)

General Anti-Avoidance Rules (GAAR)

Goods _ Service Tax

Govt. Debt Repayment

Green Shoots

Imported Inflation

Impossible Trinity


Investments” help the economy

M1 and M3

Market Stabilisation Scheme-MSS

Measurements of Money Supply

Monetary Policy

Money Supply Expansion and Run on a Bank

Money Supply

Oil Bonds

Purchasing-Power Parity

QE _ Capital Flows


Standard and Poor’s Criteria for Sovereign Ratings

Supply Side and Demand Side Inflation

The Effect of Rolling Back Petrol Prices

The Money Market

The Story of the Chinese Yuan

Velocity of Money

wage price spiral

why Inflation is not always bad