What is Home Insurance?

Home insurance is insurance plan which offers protection for your home against natural calamities such as an earthquake, flood, lightning, fire & against human acts such as terrorism, theft, riots etc. It protects you financially against above-listed happenings.

We should be always prepared for the unexpected. Hence, it is better to ensure your home and ensure peace of mind by getting a comprehensive home insurance plan.

In order to cover yourself against some of the biggest surprises that life has to offer. You must imagine all possibilities and think of all events that could happen in future. What could possibly happen to your house- a theft resulting in loss of personal property, structural damage or even damaged by natural disasters?

A home insurance provides such safety to our home. People all over the country are slowly house is made of bricks and home is made of hearts. So it’s our duty to protect it for sure.  becoming aware of the importance of having a proper insurance coverage for their house. Hence, there has been a rapid increase in the number of people availing such type of insurance.

A standard Home Insurance policy includes the following coverage

Dwelling coverage is the basis for all homeowners insurance policies. It provides protection for the structure of your home including the floors, walls, built-in appliances, and ceilings, as well as any attached structures. It also covers a variety of perils including fire, hail, theft, and vandalism. And can help you rebuild your home in the event of a total loss (up to your policy limit).

Contents coverage protects items including furniture and clothing in your home. If a covered incident were to occur, you would receive funds for the value of these items, as defined by your policy. Personal liability pays for damages that occur from certain accidents.

Personal liability consists of bodily injury damage coverage, which covers costs if a guest sustains an injury in your home or elsewhere, and property damage coverage, which kicks in if your property is damaged as a result of a covered accident.

However, dwelling coverage does not cover everything, no matter what your policy limits are. For this reason, it’s a good idea to customize your policy by having additional coverages to suit your specific situation. We’ve outlined our optional, add-on coverages below to help you understand what each one covers.