SWP For Retirement

by admin November 05, 2017
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SWP For Retirement

Mr. Fayda Singh has just retired from his job. Although he is happy about his retirement he is also a bit worried about the financial aspect of his life who knows what life has to offer in the second inning of his life. So to supplement his retirement income Mr. Fayda Singh has just invested in a mutual fund with withdrawal option or as we have discussed in earlier articles systematic withdrawal plan with a dividend option.

Now you would be wondering why not just dividend option. Well MR. Singh is an old-school investor he likes to maximize his return by involving a minimum amount of risk. Systematic withdrawal plan act as an elixir of investment opportunity to all retirees as money is withdrawn periodically plus one can also earn interest on the amount invested. These withdrawal plans can act as a supplement the income. These supplements can also act as a SIP to further invest in the market.

SWP is also popular for saving taxes as well. People have witnessed saving almost 10 times the tax they would have to pay otherwise.

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